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What If Today, You Let Love Win?

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What if, today you let love win?

Here it is. My first post at Owning Pink. It has been a few weeks since I was welcomed in to this community of bad-ass beings and writers - invited to share my ju-ju with you all, and I'm just now jumping in to this first post.  Heart on my sleeve... here I go!

Writing has been a breeze for me until the last few weeks. Fear showed up and has been silencing me for the past ten days or so. When the time came for sharing my work on this new venue, I froze. Can a writer have stage fright? It was time to get the show on the road and there was only silence in my head and heart about this first post. YIKES! Fear kept me feeling small, overthinking things, avoiding sharing anything with you. And then - I saw this "what if" question, on a doodle in my journal, and decided to jump right in.

What if today, you let love win?

Yes this one little question has set me free to show up here today with you and I know, if you ask yourself the same question about something fear has a hold on in your life, you'll find some freedom too. 

In all the dreams we have, and the choices we make, in all the relationships we are a part of - we have a choice.  To let fear win, or to let love win. 

Fear Keeps Us Small and Hidden

While sometimes fear is loud and obvious, sending our body extreme physical signals, other times it is a sneaky little punk. It isn't the big, loud bang of fear we have to worry about. It is the stealthy smooth talking fear that robs us of the life we were meant to live. Fear fans all the flames of doubt and shame and keeps us small. When we hide our light from the world, fear has done its job.

For me, today, it was being willing to come to this new platform and just be with you. Fear said, "Oh really, Allison, who do you think you are and why would anyone want to read your shizzle. Pah-lease you weren't made to be in theeeeesssseeee ranks - besides, no one is going to read what you write there anyway. Give it up girl."

And then... Love Piped In

First, she waved at me in the form of this picture I drew in my journal a while ago. Gently, as she always is, she said, "Darling, may I have a say in this? As LOVE, I say that you are exactly where I have intended you to be. Every contributor and every reader at Owning Pink is full of ME... they are one with me, just like you are. That makes you ONE with them. There is no above or below in this forum, just love and sharing of your voice. And that, my dear, is what you are born to do.  No sweat babe, just let love win."

Oh my, when love speaks, my heart just warms up and all my fear falls away.  When love is activated, I can feel my vibes raise and my heart connect with each and every one of you - exactly where you are - where I am.  When love speaks up, I am not attached to the outcome - just excited that these words are flowing.  When love is my choice, I feel her power and know that I am enough, and that I am right where I need to be  -- here with you today.

The Power of a Simple Question

As a coach, I was trained that questions are powerful. Questions cause the energy in our brain to fire up and build new synapses and pathways for learning.  Sometimes fear is so deeply learned within us we don't really even realize how much we default to walking the fear path most moments of our lives. When you ask your self this powerful question, trust that your brain is firing up and responding to your invitation to learn something new!

What if today, you let love win?
  • What if you let love win in that political conversation you were having on facebook?
  • What if you let love win with that argument with your partner?
  • What if you let love win when it came to your body?
  • What if you let love win when it came to pursuing your dreams?
  • What if you let love win in response to the criticism or attack you just got from a so-called-friend?
  • What if you let love in your thoughts about yourself?

There are a gazillion places in your life and heart you can ask this question. Take a deep breath and allow your Inner Whisper (my version of the Inner Pilot Light) to bring an area of your life in to your awareness - an area where fear has been ruling. Don't judge yourself or beat yourself up for allowing the fear to be there, just become aware. When you have that area in your mind, bring it down, with a breath, in to your heart and ask yourself, "What if today, I let love win?"

Because love won with me for today, I am giddy to be here. My heart is open and ready to increase the volume of love in your life and in the world. Today, where will you let love win?

Allison Crow


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Melanie Bates's picture

So. In. Love...

... with this post. What you may not know is it was just what I needed at just the right time. I love it when that shit happens. And... love you.


Allison Crow's picture

May you always remember....

this prompt and just the right time in your life!

Judy's picture

You reach out and in

Allison, you have a beautiful gift of reaching out to people and reaching in to their hearts and souls. Thank you for your loving touch.

Francesca @verriorganized.com's picture

So happy to happen upon you

Allison! So happy to have found your site and your beautiful words of happiness and wisdom -- just what I needed today. Thank you!

Allison Crow's picture

Universe Unfolding our Paths

I love when the Universe does that for us ---crosses our paths at just the right time! Keep letting love win, sweetie!

Britt's picture

Ahhh - gentle Allison

Ahhh - gentle Allison reminder to let love win and tell the fear to sit in the corner...thank you. Love you!

Sue's picture


Allison, you are so very good at sharing your vulnerability with others. And in bringing awareness to us all about those vulnerabilities in ourselves. It's all so yummy. Thank you for giving voice to them.

Heidi Armstrong's picture

You go girl!!

I am celebrating this with you, Allison!! I say 'Your fear will get you nowhere. Your freedom is how you interpret the fear.'

Debbie's picture


I love your questions. That really brings it home for me. I have to remember to let love win all the time. For some reason, it is a fleeting thought most days. Today I will let love win in my success, in my dialog about my divorce, in my plans for the future. You go Love! You go Alison!

Allison Crow's picture

You can do it.

Debbie, I know that you can hear that whisper of love, even in the hardest of times. May Love win as you have intended.
- Allison

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