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Wed, Nov 5 - 11:00 AM

When you have a problem, there is not something wrong with you. 

When you cant orgasm how you expect to...…

Mon, Sep 15 - 9:59 AM

What has been on my mind lately, is the importance of tuning into your self awareness, so I wrote something about it.

Click Here to check out some ways to tune into your senses, emotions and signals from your body.  …

Thu, Aug 28 - 4:30 PM

We often focus on nourishing our bodies, with fitness and nutritious food, and forget that to function at our optimal level and experience overall well-being, it is equally important to nourish our minds.

Years ago I wasn’t doing either, and eventually I got stuck, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically, I had low energy; mentally, I was not growing; and emotionally, I was bored, resentful, and lost passion for life.

Life became a…