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Mon, Aug 10 - 9:00 AM

#MagicBombs are real.

Just so you know… people only survive ordeals successfully when they have a sense of humor. This does not mean your personal sense of humor has to be on the level of Jimmy Fallon. You can have a tiny, baby-sized sense of humor – that’s sufficient!…

Mon, Aug 10 - 7:55 AM


Divorce may look slightly different for everyone but I have seen a similar pattern emerge concerning fears around divorce. Nearly all women experience some level of fear around five key limiting beliefs. Most fear around divorce is not based on reality and is instead a projected expectation of an outcome. Overwhelmingly more often than not the fears women have during the divorce…

Fri, Jun 12 - 5:27 PM

My heart has been broken many times. The toughest ones to get over were my first love and the ones who I’ve vested a lot of time and energy in. You know, the ones where your heart ached when it was over and it felt like something was loss or missing in your life because they were part of your every day life and now you no longer see or hear from them anymore.


It’s hard to adjust to the new found space or emptiness (depending on how you want to look at it). I used to…