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Preventing Sweaty Boobs

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Q: I’m cursed with breast-crease sweat marks. They’re making me very self-conscious, which I have to admit is hampering my sex life. Help!

If sweating through your bra is making you self-conscious, you’re not alone. Many women are bothered by embarrassing sweat marks or, even worse, skin infections that result from the chronic wetness, especially during muggy summer months. If “swoobs” (my well-endowed gym buddy’s name for sweaty boobs) are getting you down, a variety of natural remedies can help.

Try mixing cornstarch and baking powder to create a cooling powder you can apply under your breasts. For a natural, in-the-moment fix, you can also try spritzing on sage tea, which contains an anhidrotic compound called thujone, proven to reduce output from sweat glands. TK specific university study indicated that a topical application of sage tea is effective against excessive sweating 37 percent of the time, as opposed to about 14 percent for placebo To make the sage tea, add one teaspoon of sage to one cup of boiling water and brew for 15 minutes. Then let it cool, transfer to a spray bottle, and spritz away, refrigerating between uses.

Nursing pads meant to soak up milk in breastfeeding women can also be inserted under your breasts inside your bra to wick away excess moisture, or you can try Wick’em Liners, which work similarly.

If all else fails, you can try putting antiperspirant under the folds of your breasts, but be aware that antiperspirants are meant for armpits and may irritate sensitive breast skin.

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Awesome Pamela

Thanks for letting us all know and good luck with your product.
Much love

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Amen, Sister

Great suggestion Claudia! Sure! Why not? Let 'em swing loose indeed.. (she writes from NYC where it's 95 degrees right now!)

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sweaty boobs

Another possibility: how about not wearing a bra some of the time? It may not reduce the sweating, but it'll reduce the discomfort of a wet bra.
Women often feel that they have to sanitise their breasts, hide their shape & configuration, by hiding them in a bra. Let them swing loose once in a while!

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sweaty breasts

20 yrs ago I invented a bra liner I call Pambra's, I took a short break to care for my sister with Breast Cancer. Since the return of my liners to the market I have also designed liners for Mastcetomy patients, and a liner for under the tummy fold. Pambra's is a soft cotton liner that not only absorbs the perspiration but helps make that cute under wire bra more bareable to wear.Pambra's carries multiple DR. recommendations as wel, and We support the Susan G Komen Foundation with every package sold we give back!! Availible in 29 states and 4 international locations. If it doesnt say Pambra's then it is not the Original Bra Liner..

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