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As Owning Pink has grown and begun to reach more people, those of us here realize that this is a ministry, a sacred offering we make to a world in need. One of the ways we've discovered this is through the generous and heartfelt offers of time, talent and money that many of our visitors and community Pinkie participants have given. We are deeply honored that when many of you think about volunteering for organizations committed to doing good in the world, you’ve chosen Owning Pink as the do-good organization you wish to support (thank you thank you!!!). Below are a variety of ways that you can support us. Choose from one of these - or make up your own! Either way, you'll be helping us reach others in need and continue our ministry, and thrive.

Ways You Can Help Owning Pink


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Help Us Build Traffic

The single best thing you can do for us is help us grow our numbers. The more people we reach, the more we can grow and succeed in our mission. How can we recruit new site followers and community members? Do you know someone in need? Maybe you know someone in the midst of a divorce, who recently lost a loved one, who is struggling financially, who is having a health crisis, who just needs some extra TLC to help them get their mojo back?  Maybe you know someone who can really serve those in need - maybe someone who is really gifted at communicating, who has time to offer support to those who need help? Please invite them to be with us. Share links to our blog posts, retweet our tweets, invite your Facebook friends to Like us. Add an Owning Pink Badge to your website or blog linking back to us for all your visitors to see. Spread the word about Owning Pink to everyone you think would resonate with our message of love, mojo and authenticity.


Help us Offset Our Costs

Running a web site of the scope and scale of Owning Pink is a challenge. We have staff to pay and technology costs to cover. Every little bit helps! Here's what you can do.

Volunteer for us. If you have skills you think might help us (such as graphic design, video skills, PR/publicity talent, SEO expertise, legal guidance, commercial writing, web skills, social media expertise, etc), we would love your help! If you would like to be of service, please click here to contact us.

Donate goods. Do you create items Pinkies would value that we could give away?
Things you don't need that someone else might be delighted to receive as a prize? Things that might help us in workshops? If you have items you think Owning Pink might need, please contact us and let us know what you have to offer.

Donate money (via PayPal) to help defray the cost of running Owning Pink.

Donate money (via PayPal) for items you sell some pinkies are very creative and offer to promote our site on their sites and donate a percentage of revenue from their sales of handmade items to Owning Pink. If this is you, let us promote you on our Pinkie Creations page in our marketplace.

Donate to Owning Pink via PayPal