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What Would You Do With A Book Written By “God?”

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Lissa Rankin

As I finish up my next book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself, I've been asking all my bestselling authors to share their secrets to how their books got on the New York Times bestseller list. They all told me the same thing.  

"I just let God write it."

As it turns out, God has more ins with the people at the New York Times than Oprah.

But how does that work? How do you let God write your book for you?

It was with this question in my mind that I opened the latest newsletter from the peeps at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Now I adore the people at IONS. They’re my quirky, eccentric, alternative, unapologetically “woo woo” crowd. When I went to their Christmas party, many of them had just watched my TEDx talk, which inspired lively conversations between me and a whole host of energy healers, psychics, consciousness teachers, and people who study paranormal phenomenon (definitely not boring cocktail party conversation!)

So when I saw the question “What would you do with a book written by “God?” show up on their discussion forum, I dropped everything to read what other people had to say.

Do Some People Channel God?

A few years ago, if you had told me that some people believe they channel God when they write, I’d have rolled my eyeballs at you.

Yeah, sure. They channel God. And then they go eat their macrobiotic diet, get jiggy in a sweat lodge, and start talking to dead people. Right?

I know actual humans wrote the Bible and many other sacred texts believed to be channeled from God. But that was back then, you know, back when God was parting Red Seas and turning water into wine. Surely, nobody I know is getting downloads from a divine Source, at least not these days, right?

At least that’s what I would have said a few years ago.

Now I feel differently - because it has happened to me.

I’m Coming Out

I have a confession to make. Yes, I channel God.

Even writing that makes me want to jump back with my delete button and make it go away. (No, God didn’t just write that last sentence. That was me, Lissa.)

I mean who am I to say I channel God? Little ol’ me, with all my quirky eccentricities and screwed up bits and sometimes wobbly sense of self?

But it happens - more and more these days.

It hasn’t always been this way. My ego used to be the one who showed up at the computer. My fingers reflected the egos musings and the complex meanderings of my own mind. I had to think about the words. I looked things up in the thesaurus. I got attached to sentences and tried to make things sound pretty.

Sometimes I still do that.

But a strange phenomenon happened when I decided to offer The Daily Flame (the messages from your Inner Pilot Light that go out Monday-Friday. You can sign up here if you have no clue what I’m talking about).

The first time I wrote a week’s worth of Daily Flames, I wrote down what I knew I needed to hear from my own Inner Pilot Light.  They were, essentially, letters to myself.

But after a few weeks of writing letters from the 100% radiant, totally sparkly, completely authentic, divine part of myself to the wobbly, scared, insecure, unworthy-feeling part of myself, I ran out of things to say.

That’s when I said a prayer. I closed my eyes and I prayed that whatever the people in my community needed to hear from their own Inner Pilot Lights would come through my fingers and show up in daily emails. I asked God to use me. I promised to get my own ego out of the way and take dictation from Someone wise and all-knowing who could tap into the collective consciousness and speak the Truth.

And something freaky happened.

My Fingers Couldn’t Keep Up

I’m a damn fast typist (thank you Mrs. Carpenter from 11th grade!) But after that prayer, the words came so fast, my fingers couldn’t keep up. I sat for five hours straight and wrote and wrote and wrote.

When the download petered out, I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. Did anyone see what just happened? Had I grown three feet? Was there a burning bush near me?  Had the sky turned purple?

But it was just me, my dog, my MacBook, and a scented candle that had almost burned out.

I had no idea what I had just written. Seriously. It’s like I had been sleep-walking, and then I woke up and someone told me I had just run a marathon.

Say what?

The five hours of writing felt easy (not that I really “remembered” it.) There was no efforting. No pushing. No looking things up in the thesaurus. No wondering what to say next.

The Meltdown

But the afterwards part - well, I pretty much wigged out. I had a total meltdown. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. I literally sat and rocked myself for about an hour with my eyes closed.

Was I delusional? Did I officially lose it? Had I crossed over into psycho-land?

Or had a miracle just happened?

When I read what I had written, my ego was all, “Damn, girl. Aren’t you the shit?”

It was brilliant. Inspired. And according to the people who read those Daily Flames in their inbox, exactly what they needed to hear that day. One woman wrote this:

Dear Inner Pilot Light,

I was going to kill myself today. And then you said the only thing that would have kept me from following through on my plan. Thank you for saving my life.

What? Now I’m a lifesaver? My ego jumped up and down. “Aren’t we all that? We just saved a life today!”

But my own Inner Pilot Light smacked down my ego with a big phat stick and said, “Dude, that SO wasn’t you. Get over yourself.”

If it wasn’t me, who was it? Who wrote those words? How did this happen? Was it really a miracle? Would it ever happen again?

I didn’t know. I didn’t want to know. Instead, I chose to drink half a bottle of wine and numb it out. It was too big. Too scary. Too much responsibility. Too much… something.

I felt completely overwhelmed.

I mean, who am I to channel God?

And yet, who am I not to?

Who are YOU not to?

If we are all divine manifestations of God, don’t we all have this power? Can’t we all be channels for Divine love in the world if we clear our egos out of the way and let ourselves be used for the highest good?

Yes, I believe we can.

Becoming A Clear Channel

Since that first experience, this channeling thing has happened more and more. At first, I freaked out each time it happened - not during, but after. I had all this resistance.  Part of me was like “Cool! Let’s do that again!” But another big, strong part of me was all “Why me? Find someone else! I don’t want this job! It’s too much responsibility. Go channel through somebody more worthy.”

I haven’t blogged about this because it’s been too intense, too raw, too tender.  But after learning and embodying that it’s safe to shine my light, I got the email from IONS about what you would do if a book was written by God, and I decided it was a sign.

I know I’m not the only one who has had this experience. And now that the resistance is easing, I felt called to come out and share this with all of you, knowing that I - like you - am safe here.

I’ll be writing more about how I’m learning how to invite this gift in, to welcome it, to choose to be a clear channel so the divine can work through me, to release the resistance, to resist the urge to numb it, and to be at peace with what is.

As I’m writing my book Mind Over Medicine, as I write blog posts and Daily Flames, as I get up on stage like I did at my TEDx talk, as I hold space for those doing the Pink & Green Detox cleanse, and as I go about my day, my daily prayers are “Abide in me” and “Make me a vessel.”

I’ve sent my ego to time out. It’s not about me. I don’t get to claim credit for channeling God. I’m not special - we all can do this if we choose to be the clear channel. I’m proud of myself for showing up in front of the computer or on stage or wherever - that part is my choice. It’s also my choice to release the resistance, be willing to shine my light, let God be in me, and know that I AM worthy (so are you.)

But what happens when God uses me - the sometimes genius work that comes through - that part isn’t me at all, at least it doesn’t belong to my ego. 

Have You Channeled God?

Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever write something/ compose something/ paint something/ give a lecture/ do something that felt like it was coming through you without it being from you?

Tell us your story.  Come out with me. I promise it’s safe.

Being a vessel,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.



Dee's picture

Me too ;o)

Dearest Lissa,

It's refreshing and encouraging to hear your experiences and others in the community. I have been channeling messages from the Angels, Jesus and Mary for nearly two years. I get messages about my life, my future work, family and friends. I usually get a sensation in my hand to write and then it all flows out. I was very overwhelmed and to some degree I still am.
I am setting up a business now as a life coach and the more I do, the more I know that channeling is a big part of directing and guiding me to shine my light unapologetically. I do get scared but I know I've got the amazing support from above which makes me feel very blessed.

With love from London,
D x

Mali Apple and Joe Dunn's picture


Lissa: YES! When we really sink into writing together, we enter a sacred space where we open up to each other completely—and that opens a gateway for something to express itself through us. Writing together is a spiritual, soulful, and sometimes ecstatic experience, completely different from writing on our own. God, the Divine, the Source—whatever we call it, the experience of it is undeniable.

Jeanette's picture

Painting in spirit

I have not had this experience in writing, but in painting. Some years ago I took part in a workshop, called "Painting in spirit",it was a two day workshop and my final painting I worked with for about six hours, I was in a creative flow, had no time to eat, drink or even go to the ladies room. The end result astonished me - I could not belive that I had painted such a beautiful work of art, and afterwards I was completely drained of energy and I froze to the marrow. I love to paint, but I don´t do it on a regular basis, it´s like I am afraid to paint, but what is there to be afraid off? My one greatness...

love's picture

Coming out

creator whispers, we just have to listen
I am twenty two years old, and often find myself lost, and uncertain, which is natural at my age. All i know at this point is that i want to make a difference, and want to help out in this world, to send out good positive messages of love, and happiness so that maybe someone whos also feeling uncertain or lost or just having a bad day, might catch sight and say hey, that made me feel happy, just like your daily flames and topics make me happy! I have come across many books, songs, conversations you name it, that all have one powerful message that the universe has been trying to get through to me, get through to everyone. Love is the key. When we well our hearts up with compassion and learn to look through the looking glass of love in my thoughts, ill see the world differently, and i keep getting reminders almost everyday of this. I have random ideas that go through my head about random act of kindness ideas, paintings, a book i could write that pop in and out of my head, sometimes i act on them, sometimes i dont cause like you it freaks me out. So thank you Lissa, and all you amazing people for sharing your stories, they make me feel comfortable and at home with coming out with my own ideas.

Shalonda "Coach Treasure" Williams's picture

I Know All So Well...

This subject is such an awesome one. I grew up in the Christian Church community so this was like, a must for me. I grew up learning to seek God and because I believed that God gave me this purpose, I thought it only approriate to ask that The Divine write through, speak through and coach through me. I believe that in order to take my limited understanding and knowledge and maximize it so that those I reach out to can have as much as they need, I have to let go and let God do! Thank you for sharing your story! :-) It spoke to a part of me that was so ready to faint! Peace be unto you! ~ Coach Treasure

Jessica's picture

a lovely confession,

... but really no surprise! As I read the sweet Inner Pilot Light this morning (and the ones I save SO get to me) I actually thought about how they feel channeled ;-). Not that you could not or would not write them yourself, but something about their energy is different and somehow more universal. What a great post YOU wrote with this one!!!

I haven't yet written like that, guided, but I've been guided towards people and often animals in need. When you only have a second to cross paths and yet you do. Moments like those always leave me humble and happy.

Mary Machado's picture


In Yoga, this inner unchanging part of oneself is the Parusha- that Seer, that which is unchanging. The ego, the constantly changing part of us, is the Prakriti. It is a primary goal of yoga to uncover the Parusha and let it shine. You have clearly done this! I love your story! Thank you for sharing.

Lissa Rankin's picture

I knew everyone could do this!

Thank you all for reminding me that we ALL have the power to do this if we all ourselves to be the messengers.

I'm so touched by all your stories and just want to give a big kiss to each of you!
With love

Tisha's picture

Perfect timing

I couldn't beleive your post this morning! Talk about perfect timing .... it completed validated my thoughts.

Only yesterday two friends and I were reading channelled inspirational poetry one of them had written and the three of us have all had the same conversation - the one where it starts "why choose me". I am beginning to come to the realisation that God, or the higher power, or whatever anyone wants to call our Universal Creator, is actually utilising an international army to get the message across! We are all foot soldiers but instead of weapons we have keyboards and access to the wonders of the internet! God must been rubbing his hand together with joy knowing that his words are spreading across our world at a speed that has been impossible to consider in the millions of years our planet has been alive.

Yeah! I feel a book coming on! Love to all xx have a great day xx

Tranquilb's picture

Thank you!

This article was just what I needed to read...my sentiments exactly...thank you for being a vessel...Evon - SingleMamaPreneur! www.singlemamapreneurs.com Foregoing shame in the name of growth!

Michelle Medina's picture

Amazing Lissa!!!! I love

Amazing Lissa!!!! I love it!!
As for me, just reading this twists me all around! I don't KNOW that I've ever channeled God, but other people look at me as though I have. The people that hear my story when I get in the local paper and then come tell me things. Stop me in the store and say: "I had an abortion. . . my significant other killed himself. . . I was raped. . ." And I hug them and say it's okay. I leave thinking: "Should I have said more? Elaborated?" Then there are the people on the flip side, who actually try to put me in that position. My Aunt saying to me: "Your Uncle is going to die and you're the only one who can appeal to God now. You have a closer relationship with Him then any of the rest of us do." Excuse me? It's all on my shoulders now? Who are you? What if I HATE God? What if I believe God is a HER and not a Him??? What if I'm an atheist or worse in your book, a devil worshipper???? So either way, this kind of thing twists up my insides and that's why. On the other hand, I KNOW I have a message and the harder I resist the more I feel like I'm killing myself slowly. I may not shoot dope, but overeating kills me. I may not get drunk every night, but when I do drink I shove the bottle to the back of my throat and down the whole thing. So of course, I know I can't fight this I won't fight it unless I have a death wish.
Thank you for writing this when you did!! Timely as always!! Smile.

Suzi Banks Baum's picture

Coming OUT

Dearest Lissa,

Did you read my journal today?
Was that you I Spring Cleaned with?
How did you know?

My event ‘Out of the Mouth of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others’ and the matching blog series, which you so generously offered your newsletter as a blog post for, has gathered momentum. Press releases are going out. The video blogs are getting ready. The work has literally flowed from my fingers, women are sending me their words without solicitation, I have so much energy and grace around this event and all that is developing with it- I can hardly believe this is me!
In all my years as an actor, I never spoke so easily or so passionately, I feel so completely engaged and endorsed and able to do this work and take it to levels I cannot even fathom today with you here reading me.
And, when I saw the rough draft of the first video clip- I panicked. I am terrified. To take the topic of women’s stories, the stories of mothers- and Stand for the Full Range of Women’s experience- and this means not all clean and fluffy and cute and nice and “FINE”- I am terrified to step ‘OUT’ of my kitchen and in to the world with this project.
But there is no going back.
Oh I could I suppose, but I would not be able to live with myself.
I have become the container and I am filled daily by the Divine and even finding this post today when I have literally been working with this terror of coming ‘OUT’ with my event titled ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’- which came to me in my morning meditation- talk about being written by God?
There are no coincidences. Only every day miracles that we mistake for chance.

Thank you for posting this today my dearest.
Wish I was going to see you tomorrow night at the Lighthouse.
I am on the Panel.
Out. Again.
All my love, Suzi www.outofthemouthsofbabes.org/
Please pass on my invitation for guest blog posts from your writers and readers. Cue Glynda the Good Witch singing “Come Out, Come Out wherever you are and meet the fine lady who fell from a star"

Leah Gillan's picture

live the Woo Woo

I felt this way out of the blue one day, I was just sitting and reading and out of nowhere felt a song come to me and just wrote it, it's unfinished but it was very inspiring. I guess it would be classified as a christian song because it's about God.

Lea's picture

How Interesting? As a kid I

How Interesting? As a kid I would write poetry. Something would happen to me or around me and the poetry would just flow like a valve just opened. If I didn't write it there and then, it would be lost. I would happen anywhere: from a walk to school bus, being in nature to being burdened by something like a heart break. Sometimes, I wondered if the God spoke though me at those instances. Funny enough, I would also feel incredibly happy after. You've inspired me to write more. Thanks.

Sarah Mac's picture


I remember when I was about 9 being utterly moved by a peice of music and knowing there in my heart that god speaks through our actions, our art, and I've always deep down held this to be true. Also I've definitely had a similar experience with my journal, I've kept a journal since I was about 8 years old and when I'm in need of wisedom I go back and read some entries, some of the stuff I wrote when I was 14 even is just really profound and is guiding me... I've never told this to anyone but I always feel as if its my own person bible (gasp to think I could write something even remotely similar to a bible :)hehe). Also sometimes its freaky how right on the Daily Flames are!! Thank you lighted spirit that works through Lissa! And Lissa for letting that happen! I can't wait to read your next book, I already feel it will help to guide my practice...love and sPaRkLESsS!!

Lisa's picture

Divine flow...

There is an interesting quote by Joseph Campbell that resonates with your topic, Lissa..."Just as anyone who listens to the muse will hear, you can write out of your own intention or out of inspiration. There is such a thing. It comes up and talks. And those who have heard deeply the rhythms and hymns of the gods, can recite those hymns in such a way that the gods will be attracted."

Thank you, Lissa for being so open with us!!! I have been fascinated with this topic...as I am growing in my understanding of how to live in this flow-meaning-maintaining an Inspired life. As you mentioned the magnitude of being a channel for Divinity has a way of undoing us as humans! Ego is a menace to the flow, yet, I love the mention of your humble asking God for help and direction. I believe this is so essential. Scripture tells of God searching to and fro for yeilded hearts to use as vessels for his greatness. There is a Divine plan...what a privilege to be a part of that!!!

Val's picture

Go with the feeling!

I was just freaking out about a huge change I'm putting into motion right now- I'm about to give my career a big push forward by applying to school to finally complete my degree and go on from there, but it involves uprooting from my relationship, community, and job to move across the country! I clearly feel the push to go coming from outside of my "self," however, but lately I'm finding that knowing that hasn't been enough to keep the fear at bay. So, I'd just sent some emails and proceeded to hyperventilate, when I saw your email in my inbox. Thank you--excellent timing! I feel SO much better after reading your post. You just gotta trust the feeling and go with it!

Anonymous's picture

I just received this line by

I just received this line by poet Mary Oliver: "The voice is working in us all the time. You have to be there when you have promised."

Ti's picture

Every morning!

Every morning, and the occasional afternoon on weekends or vacation, I write a poem. I've been doing it since 4/1/09. The best ones are when I ask the Muse if She has anything for me and let it flow. I've written poems with words and phrases I had to look up to make sure they were real. I've written poems so excruciatingly specific that they made me wonder if I'd been inhabited - and then found out that the poem described exactly what someone I'd never met, who found my poem on facebook, was going through or had experienced. I feel blessed to have such a generous Muse. I once wrote nine poems in a row for a women's circle and had no memory of what was in them. They were messages for the women through me but definitely not FROM me. I saw how they touched those women and helped them. People think I'm modest about my poetry, but I'm not. Much of it isn't mine at all. I just happen to be the hands on the keyboard and listening human. It could be any one of us.

I should add that I have days when I am the author of the poems. Those are okay, usually, but nowhere near as good as the Divine-authored ones. It's hard to come out as a Divine-channel. I completely understand wanting to erase this column and I'm so glad you shared it with us. It gives us all courage to be proudly woo-woo!

Sarah Mac's picture

Haha I love this...maybe we

Haha I love this...maybe we need a new blog title at Owning Pink: Owning Woo Woo - I totally feel that heehee :D

Victoria V's picture

Love the "timing" of this post!

I call it Automatic Writing...I close my eyes, meditate for a bit, ask for divine guidance, give thanks in advance, and allow the words to stream through my fingertips while I am in a "trance-like" state...and the words DO NOT belong to me, they're far too wise, far too deep...so I know I am absolutely tapping into my own Higher Power, Universal Wisdom, or something much greater than myself...God and the Universe have so much to say, when I get out of my own way and let them have control of the keyboard. It's such a gift!! I am humbled and grateful for it. And, like you, it also used to freak me out. I've been learning to become more comfortable with it. My Higher God Self would always write reassurance letters to my small ego self. Oh, they were so beautiful, encouraging and reassuring. I actually, like MaryEllen said, have a very strong desire to get back to allowing the words and messages to flow...the lull has definitely been long enough! So, I recently decided to take a writing class with SARK, so the JOY and healing can continue to flow in whatever way Spirit wants to use me as a vessel of pure love. Others can develop this gift, too. And those of us that have it and own it, we owe it to ourselves and the world to share our divine gift. For we are true modern day Prophets...Divine Messengers...and the voice of God can only be heard through those willing to open up as Humble Servants to "transcribe" messages much greater than we could ever know ourselves.

Thank you for the confirmation and inspiration...I appreciate you, Lissa - thanks for daring to be unequivocally *you*! <3

Infinite Blessings!

LoriRobin 's picture

Most RESONATING writing

My most resonating writing comes from those moments that come when I am a "channel" for what must be God. I usually cry during the writing and have to reread it several times to understand what I've written, but the entire experience feels similar to giving birth. I loved this article! Thank you again Lissa!

Deborah's picture

Moved by Spirit

Oh, what a revelation! I have received this privilege in a different form. I practice bodywork and council clients in ways of self empowerment and gaining insights into their higher self. What happens most often is Words come from my mouth that I did not put there. Yes, that's correct. I recognize that it's not my own words or thoughts and I am always invited to share that it comes from Spirit. And like all the comments expressed here, when I hear what has come out of my mouth, I too, say, hmmm, that was really good or accurate! Most often it's something that is relevant for me also, but not always. It always imparts wisdom and a higher form of love. For this, I am ever so greatful! (spelled "great" intentionally) Thank You for sharing.

Sylvia Montesinos's picture

You have answered my question! Thank you!

Like you, I am a physician but I just started my transition journey 2011. I quit my job as a psychiatrist for a number of reasons, but the main one being that I could not practice medicine in the conventional way anymore. In the last year I have read, meditated, had my first solo art show and have pondered the question of what to do next. Like you, the more I have explored, the more I realize that the answers lie deeper and yes, with God. It is such a relief to hear you talk about God! It seems that the more I conncet with my own heart and allow myself to listen, the closer I feel to healing. I cannot say that I know for sure if I have channeled God yet in my writing but it is good to hear you talk about it as I know I am destined to write a book that is inteneded to help others but fear has kept me from moving forward. Thank you for your courage and inspiration! Recieving this e-mail today is perfect timing and just what I needed to hear. Blessings!

Sylvia Montesinos's picture

You have answered my question! Thank you!

Like you, I am a physician but I just started my transition journey 2011. I quit my job as a psychiatrist for a number of reasons, but the main one being that I could not practice medicine in the conventional way anymore. In the last year I have read, meditated, had my first solo art show and have pondered the question of what to do next. Like you, the more I have explored, the more I realize that the answers lie deeper and yes, with God. It is such a relief to hear you talk about God! It seems that the more I conncet with my own heart and allow myself to listen, the closer I feel to healing. I cannot say that I know for sure if I have channeled God yet in my writing but it is good to hear you talk about it as I know I am destined to write a book that is inteneded to help others but fear has kept me from moving forward. Thank you for your courage and inspiration! Recieving this e-mail today is perfect timing and just what I needed to hear. Blessings!

Susan Hoefer's picture

Musing around

Thank you Lissa for this very open and honest post. I needed someone brave enough to admit this phenomenon that "science and the rational" cannot explain. I too, have had many extraordinary experiences and at times of greater lightness and spiritual connection my journal writing seems to shift from seeking and telling to listening and having guidance and explanation. I have to go back and, sometimes I do, and read this information and.... I think this is very good! This is very interesting, inspiring and a perfect explanation. Did not come from me though! I know I have a book within me and hope some day I will right. The funny thing is .... I don't seem to have the worldly credentials to match the profound wisdom and insight that "The Creative" writer writes!! Isn't that funny. Most readers mistake the writing as coming from the person who wrote it ..... and with such wisdom and authority this creative source writes from... we look for 'very important earthly credentials" like PhD or MD to validate the wisdom in the writing. So..... I am working on gaining some more nifty letters behind my name ... then hope to write from "the source" ....cleverly disguised as emperic knowledge of some kind. I think fiction might be easier!! thanks so much Lissa, I SO understand you. Susan Hoefer

Lynda's picture

channeling God

YES!! Is happening right now... I was being prompted to write a book.. my life story, actually. I have certainly lived on a very untravelled road throughout my 56 years.
It began with a few poems... emails to a friend, that when I read them I could not remember writing those words. Started the "book".. and was struggling.. as I had developed Meniere's and was off work (from a job I truly disliked. My doc had me off to heal.
When I returned to the job.. my vertigo became worse again. On January 10th 2012.. I was given a
"package." Now don't think for one minute I am not scared.. I am. I have a mortgage to pay. I have been given a bit of time to pull something else together..
and God is saying write the book!!

Janelle's picture

letting spirit work through you

Living life intuitively is important. Not just writing, making choices everyday. Letting spirit work through you is important. We all have an important life purpose to connect to and fulfill.

Kait's picture

I hear you!

To me its the same idea as a muse. Sometimes I'll be walking/meditating/whatever and all of sudden I have this need to write...sometimes its just my thoughts but many times the words just flow out of my fingers like they were meant to be.

All will be revealed in due time, right? xo

MaryEllen's picture

Channeling the Divine

Channeling God. YES! When my first book, Living Well & Dying Well was published in 2001, I wondered who the heck had written that! I'd go back and read parts of it, and not recognize it, not remember writing it, and marvel that, "wow, that's REALLY good!"

And so it is. Now I need to get back to that . . . the lull has been long enough. Thank you for the inspiration!

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