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Pisces New Moon

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pisces new moon

The new moon in dreamy, enlightened Pisces sends us all on a fantastic voyage this Tuesday. It’s time to set sail in the waters of spirituality, imagination, and an uncharted exploration of our own subconscious minds.  New moons are our launching points, the results of which culminate six months later, under the light of the corresponding full moon. Circle August 31, 2012 as the date of the Pisces full moon: it’s anyone’s guess where we’ll drop anchor then. If we feel “lost at sea” this week, the answer is not to splash around furiously, trying to regain control. Pisces is the sign that’s associated with surrender. Lean back and float: that’s how we’ll ride the waves and get our “sea legs.”

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, and the theme of completions is a biggie. This is the time for binding up loose ends and saying goodbye where needed.  Cutting ties to unhealthy relationships, removing ourselves from situations that are not serving our highest good—while it’s never easy to bid these entanglements adieu, the Pisces new moon shines a light on our self-destructive habits and urges us to heal.

Our imaginations will be supersized under this lunar spell, and divine inspiration may come pouring in on Tuesday. Don’t dismiss those flashes of brilliance, which are likely to be the seeds of genius. Michelangelo, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Steve Jobs and Alexander McQueen were all born under the Sun sign of Pisces. Imagine if they brushed aside their subconscious cues. The world would be a far greyer place.

Here are some rituals to help you flow with the magic of the Pisces new moon.


Hydrate and Detoxify: 

Mermaid Pisces is a water sign, and anything aquatic falls under her spell. Given that our bodies are between 55 and 80% water, there’s no denying the influence H2O has in our vitality. Drinking tons of fresh, pure water can boost our energy levels and recharge our systems. Instead of polluting the Earth with non-biodegradable plastic bottles, install a tap filter and carry a refillable bottle at all times. You can even customize your own water bottle through sites like Zazzle.com as a stylish incentive. Being the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, Pisces rules our elimination systems. Juicing and even doing a cleanse, if appropriate, can help get things flowing. When you feel fatigued, chug water or tea before filling up with dehydrating caffeine. Water is actually the best pick-me-up on the planet.

Conserve Water, Too:  

Speaking of water, it’s not news that our oceans and ground water are in peril, and that a shortage of fresh water is a real concern to us all. Little efforts add up to a big difference. Follow this link for one hundred savvy tips for saving water. Pick one to implement this week. If a friend has a birthday coming up, you might even donate to a water-related charity in his or her honor, like thewaterproject.org or americanrivers.org.

Shine A Light On The Monsters Under The Bed:

We all have our demons, but they are much scarier when we leave them in the dark. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces can either send us spiraling into denial or give us an illuminated perspective on our own healing journeys. This week embrace the latter. Book an appointment with an energy worker, shaman, psychologist, hypotherapist, acupuncturist, or other practitioner who can help you shine a light on any monsters under the bed.  Support groups are also a great place to deep dive into our subconscious minds and take a “fearless, searching inventory,” as the 12-Steppers say. Both Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) and Chiron, the comet known as “the wounded healer,” will be in close contact with the new moon. It takes courage to look within, but there will be mega-rewards in doing so near this new moon.

Fete Your Feet:

The feet are the body part ruled by Pisces, our anchor and grounding connection to the Earth. Home to thousands of nerve endings and close to seventy acupuncture points, there’s a whole lotta soul in our soles. Adopt some home reflexology treatments to treat your feet. Start by loosening up your ankles, rotating them ten times in each direction. Pinching the ends of your toes can stimulate circulation, pineal, and pituitary glands. Rolling the arch of your foot over a tennis ball can also do wonders. If you’re experiencing foot pain, this is the week to deal. Book an appointment for acupressure massage or visit a podiatrist who might recommend a shoe insert to help preserve your peds.

Start A Dream Journal:

Pisces rules dreams, and recording our nighttime visions can give us major insight into our direction and hidden thoughts. Many Native American cultures believe that our night dreams are the most vivid forms of truth. Get a fancy journal and keep it on your nightstand. Jot down any dreams you have the moment you wake up—or even in the middle of the night, should you feel so ambitious. If you’re not the type who recalls your dreams, you might also try a journaling practice called “Morning Pages,” from Julia Cameron’s brilliant tome, “The Artist’s Way” (a great book to kick off under the spell of this new moon, if you want to break through a creative block). Here’s how the Morning Pages work: each morning, just after you wake, free write three pages in your journal. Your dreams will weave their way into your writing, lighting the path to your deepest desires. 

Ophi & Tali Edut


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Thank you very much for a lot

Thank you very much for a lot of great thoughts and for inspiring me to think concerning this issue

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So true!

All of the deep, dark things have been coming up for me this month (for me to look at, examine and discard), and last night I had a lovely dream that I was being washed by a kind, old man, it a river. It was beautiful!

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