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Three Creative Ways To Bust Through Stress


I used to lament about how all the stress relievers were beyond my reach. I hated the gym. The monkey in my mind wouldn’t let me mediate. And I couldn’t paint a picture even the most generous mother would be proud of.

“I’m just not creative,” I’ve said this for years. Even though I took art classes I believed I sucked. Yet I yearned for a creative outlet, to cultivate my creativity as Brene Brown says. But it only caused me pain. Painting, photography, pottery, I sucked at all of it. Or so I believed.

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Remembering My Mother & The Gift She Gave Me

Remembering Mother

My mom passed away yesterday. She was 94 and she died peacefully. This is obviously a time of great sadness for me and for my family. But, it's also a time for fond remembrance. Both of my parents worked so hard to see that my brother and I had a better life. As parents do, they sacrificed in order that we could enjoy a life a little bit better than their own. 

The gift of cooking

My mother obviously gave me life and many things. But, the gift I think I cherish the most is my love of food and cooking. When I was a little boy, I would remember coming home from school to warm and magical smells from the kitchen that would fill the entire house. To this day, I can bring myself back to the moment when I would open our front door, and the smell of cakes, pies, soups, stews would greet me and say, you are home.

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Celebrating Food and Family

dining table

I love that I now have the time and desire to read more. I just finished reading the book Spoon Fed written by Kim Severson, Food Editor at the New York Times.

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Radical Self-Care in the Kitchen


My last supper was December 25, 2009. I made a wonderful Christmas dinner with turkey, gravy, stuffing, and green beans; the works. That was two days after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (my uninvited guest). The meal was comfort food at its best.

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