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Happy Birthday To... All Of Your Creations

Happy Birthday To... All of Your Creations
September is my birthday month. For days now, I have dreamed of giving birth, of being born.
Birth is a violently propulsive process. The push and thrust, the bloody, messy explosiveness of it – these are pale rumors, grunted intimations of the perilous journey into incarnation.
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Build A New Body Of Experience

Build A New Body of Experience

If you’re going through one of those narrow places in your life where you feel alone and unprotected -- that trapped, not-enough-air-to-breathe feeling where the walls of your world loom over you, steep and hard-edged, and there’s no inspiring star to guide you -- please know that this is a passage in which we all find ourselves bewildered, from time to time.

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How To Create What You Truly Want In 2015


As we embark on another new year of life, I find myself experiencing a mixture of emotions about 2015.  I'm excited about the possibilities of this New Year and inspired by the energy of creation that exists at this special time.  There is a magical quality to this first week or two of the New Year that I always appreciate.

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The Most Important Question To Ask When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed Or Anxious!


Dear Darling One,

Maybe there is an area of your life where you're feeling anxious, worried or overwhelmed? Maybe it's worries about your finances, health, career, kids, or relationships that are keeping you up at night. (I so get it!)

Or maybe you just completed a fabulous project or had an unexpected life transition and you're asking yourself "now what?"

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

The Messy Creation of My Owning Pink

I sit here thinking about writing for Owning Pink and how the stories posted here are usually written by, for and about women.

But it is not only women who lose their MOJO.

If I am going to write for Owning Pink, it’d be good to share how my world was recently unraveled and what Owning Pink really means to me.

My story begins with being unexpectedly divorced and being absolutely crushed by becoming a single daddy.

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Tangle to Tapestry: Owning Work As A Facet of Life

Since we've begun a conversation on Owning Pink about the urges to create children and work, it's prompted me to revisit the role of work in my life (which includes children) and ask you Pinkies to share with me how it fits in with yours. Why is there always so much tension between the energy we devote to these most important aspects of life? Where is the balance? What does it look like?

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The Power of Pussy: My First Weekend at Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

Hiya Pinkies. Many of you met Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena) a while back when I wrote about her after interviewing her for my upcoming book What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend (St. Martin’s Press, Sept 2010). Now, I’m blessed to be able to experience Mama Gena in the flesh (and I’m talking about some juicy Goddess flesh here!) I just finished the first of four rounds of becoming a Sister Goddess at Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts, and I’m so excited to share this journey with all you Pinkies.

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Owning Creation: Giving Birth for A Living

A while back, a conversation Lissa and I had about being a mom and an entrepreneur struck a chord in both of us and produced her wonderful post on birthing what wants to be born. That post produced a moving discussion about the choices we make about where our amazing, female creative energy goes - into babies, projects, passions and work. As I sat with this and let the words of Pinkie wisdom seep into me, a wondrous thing happened I want to share with you. I felt some of the tangle of my personal confusion on this subject begin to unravel. When I told Lissa and Joy they encouraged me to untangle and reweave in public in the hopes that it might be useful to others. And so here I share some of my tapestry-in-progress with you. Blessings to you in your personal struggles and choices as you release your own amazing creative powers. ~Dana

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Taking the Next Step Toward Self-Discovery

Dearest Pinkies, please welcome Mojo Mentor and Pink Goddess of Intuition Caroline Diana Bobart. Caroline will be hosting the upcoming Owning Pink Self-Discovery Workshop, a bi-weekly teleconference series running from April 8 - June 17. (Pinkies have already signed up, so go ahead! We invite you to register soon.)

Welcome Caroline as she talks about the upcoming Self-Discovery workshop, the Pink Group Agreement, and the vast potential within all of us.

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See Yourself As Creator: The Divine Lies Within Us All

Dear Pinkies, please welcome Pink Goddess Elisabeth Manning, Founder of Conscious Conception Fertility Coaching. Elizabeth helps those who want to be parents find "peace, certainty and partnership with your baby in the creation process." How beautiful - and how Pink?? This woman exudes peace and positive energy. Needless to say she has had quite an impact on me, and on Owning Pink. The below post by Elisabeth was actually a comment on my post the other day about creating versus procreating. We couldn't keep the words of this wise and wonderful Pinkie to ourselves any longer. And so, without further ado, please give a warm welcome from your Pink hearts to this incredible Pinkie ... one from whom we'll surely be hearing more!

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