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Stop trying to control your life. The Universe does not need you to be in charge.


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Eating Disorders: If Not Now, When?

If not now, when?

I was a compulsive eater out of my mother’s womb. The youngest of eight children in an abusive home, and I used food to feel safe. I overate every day, hated myself for it, and yet could not stop.

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Make Every Day Independence Day

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I love the Fourth of July. For one, it comes two days before my birthday and I love my birthday. And since summer is my favorite season, the Fourth of July is definitely is on my Top 3 Holidays list. For me, the Fourth of July is not about going to the beach, enjoying BBQs with friends, or any of the wonderful things we are doing this weekend. The Fourth of July is all about INDEPENDENCE. In fact, it is my own personal New Year’s Day. It is the day I choose to declare my freedom from anything and everything that does not represent self-love and personal sustainability. To begin with, I declare myself free from the hundred pounds I lost two decades ago. I am fit and fabulous because I claim my self-loving right to exist in a body that I love to live in every day. 

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