Owning Pink Bloggers

Stop trying to control your life. The Universe does not need you to be in charge.


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Paying Relaxed Attention

What on earth is relaxed attention?

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Simple Steps To Bring Ease Into Your Relationships

Do you ever find yourself saying or thinking “I want to be understood. I don’t want to be judged, I want to be seen for who I am”?

You’ve grown, changed your mindset, and have embarked on a journey of the mind and body that’s all your own, right? But still your friends, family or co-workers just don’t get it - or you.

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Creativity In Daily Living

Last night, as I was making a bedtime snack of warm milk with a bunch of spices, I felt a dash of creativity run through my veins. I've made this snack many times, yet somehow, simply the way that I moved through the kitchen, picking up the cardamom and sprinkling it into the pot felt like a creative act.

What was that?

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