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Information, Inspiration And Expiration – Part One

Dr. / Patient Care

Beginning in 2015, The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), a test that is required of all applicants to medical school in the U.S. and Canada, includes a section on social and behavioral sciences and it is recommended that students take a course in psychology and sociology/anthropology to prepare for the MCAT. This is great news, as far as it goes. Since 1978, I have been talking and writing about the need to include a much broader base of human communication education to augment the science requirements. Most medical school applications have a section for the applicant to express their motivation and commitment to a medical career, but success in the science courses remains the true emphasis during the selection process.

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Information, Inspiration and Expiration


Most medical school applications of today state that the candidate for admission is interested in and fascinated by the human body. The problem is that people come with the body and are not treated properly and disturb physicians who have been given medical information but not a medical education. An education teaches you how to deal with and care for the human experience of illness and not just treat the diagnosis. A medical education would also teach the skill of communication so that we do not kill with our words, but heal with them just as we heal with a scalpel and do not wound with it, since individuals are not statistics. One of our sons showed me how wordswordswords become swordswordswords when not used properly.

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From Limitation To Liberation: A 2 Step Process For Overcoming Internal Obstacles


For many of us, when we are children we are taught many belief systems from our parents, teachers, friends and society as a whole. We are like sponges absorbing everything that we are witnessing, hearing and experiencing. However when we get older and start to carve out our own identity, we often are held back from living the life of our dreams, because of something we were taught to believe as truth by someone else. If we don’t have a certain level of self-awareness, a lot of the time we don’t even realize we are living a life based on someone else’s truth and even someone else’s dreams!

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The Girlfriend MD’s 4 Kookiest Vagina Stories

girlfriend MD's kookiest vagina stories

As a gynecologist who also happens to be more bouncy cheerleader than stuffed shirt, I’m pretty much the beck-and-call girl for most of my girlfriends when it comes to girly parts and the questions you’d only ask your gynecologist if she was your best friend. Which means I also get asked to tell stories at parties, the way I did in "Gyno Guzzling: A Vagina Drinking Game".

I happen to love vaginas, so my goal is not to be irreverent or make fun of people who have suffered from vaginal misfortune, but it does happen to make for fun dinnertime conversation, as those who have been to my dinner parties can attest. But for those of you who have missed my dinner parties, I wanted to invite you to sit down with a group of friends, pour yourself a glass of wine, and respectfully honor some of the women who have come across my radar in the ten years I practiced gynecology. So here’s a toast. And a warning. This post is not for the faint of heart. To VAGINAS!

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The Girl Effect: An American Midwife in Mexico

I’m joining a team of other bloggers in time for International Children’s Day today, November 20. Hopefully by writing about possibilities, justice, and sending love across the world we can raise awareness and get people thinking about The Girl Effect. The lovely Tara Mohr created this blogging campaign and you can go here to read more about it (and read many other wonderful posts). I am thrilled to be a part of it, and hope that you will be inspired to do so as well. --Stacey

When I started working as a midwife 11 years ago, I joined a wonderful private practice. I worked in a clinic five days a week and was on call for births 7-8 days of the month. I’ve always loved helping women achieve the birth of their dreams.

After almost four years at this practice, however, I found myself wanting more. I found that I enjoyed interacting most with the few Latina women who came to a public health clinic I staffed one morning a week.

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Teaching Our Kids to Move - Not Just Think!

child exercise

Let’s get our kids moving their bodies NOW!

Three cheers for the study and article in USA Today by Amanda Gardner, HealthDay, "Experts: Recess improves student behavior." It's about time! I remember when my very bright, energized, and engaged son stood up after sitting at a desk for several hours and got scolded. I told his teacher, 'These kids need to move once in a while to keep their brains active." She disagreed. I am sure happy to see experts now waking up to how important it is to give our kids time to move throughout the day.

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Would You Send Your Child To A Bad - And Diverse - School?

Do I really want to move?

Lately, I have been having the itch to move. I would like a fourth bedroom, a bigger kitchen and a second garage. Most pressing (or so I thought), I would like to get off my busy street so I can get rid of this permanent ball of stress in my stomach every time my children are playing outside. I have looked at several homes, and nothing feels right. I love our house, we have the world's best neighbors, and quite frankly, I am not sure I am up for all the effort a move involves. The path of least resistance sounds pretty good to me right now.

But is there another reason?
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Let Kids Soar: Thoughts On Pink Parenting

Should My 4 Year-Old Be Writing?

About a week ago I read an advice column by John Rosemond in my local paper. A woman wrote in asking for tips on how to get her four year-old grandson to practice his handwriting. Apparently the boy was resisting this “homework” with great stubbornness. I absolutely loved the advice she received -- sighting research, the expert told her that her grandson was probably just not ready to read and write and that he would benefit more from playing. 

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Everything I Need to Know About Prison I Learned in Kindergarten

Last week my husband and I withdrew our son from his public school and placed him in a private school that offers “alternative, holistic and contemplative education.” At some point I think we’ll end up “unschooling” (home schooling with no imposed curriculum) as I always intended, but for now my son wants to go to school, and we’re committed to having the best possible experience. 

Just for the record, my son wanted to stay in his public school: He loved his teacher and his classmates. My husband and I spent many, many hours in the school with him, trying to identity how to make it better, but we always felt bad about it, and I just couldn’t see it getting better. After I explained my feelings, my son agreed to the switch, stating, “I think I’m going to feel better, too.”

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We Could Change The World By Empowering Women: The Girl Effect

Hiya, Pinkies. Mojo Mentor Fred Kraziese turned me on to this amazing video clip, which he posted on his site. I was so blown away by it that I had to post it here. Wowwee. Take a gander at this challenge to all of us:

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