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The 5 Stages Of Female Friendship

When it comes to romance, we know that there is a lot of ground between being interested in someone and getting married to them.  We have terms like “going on a date” which we know is different than “dating.”  We implicitly acknowledge that it takes time before we can both simply assume that we’re hanging out this weekend without asking each other.

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For All the New Moms Who Feel Clueless

Lately, I've been talking to a lot of new mothers who feel so much pressure to have it all together and don't feel safe expressing how overwhelming it can be to have a child. If you have a new baby, and you’re feeling like you have no clue how to be a mother, you’re SO not alone. When my daughter Siena was born, I felt so unraveled by her, as if she could see right through me to all my insecurities. I wrote this in my journal when she was just a wee one, so if you or someone you love has a new baby, this post is for you...

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Don't Go Changin'


Human beings are capable of incredible transformation. We break through. We break down. We re-invent and we rise from the ashes. Some people even manage to make quantum leaps and extreme emotional makeovers.

But for most of us, we are just who we are and that’s that. People don't change very much. Not really. Your every day “you-ness” has been there since you got here, (just ask your dad, or your kindergarten teacher, or any astrologer). Extroverted. Jovial. Tender-hearted. Curious. Cautious. Exacting. Bold. For better or worse, your essential personality is likely going to keep on keepin’ on.

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Throwing Shoes & Owning Anger

I’m forty years old but only one or two people have ever seen me angry. I’m the picture of cool rationality almost all the time. Friends remark on how calm I am. My mother tells me that as a child, she never had any idea of when I was mad. When I was in marriage counseling, the therapist would try to get me to express anger. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t. But, this morning, I lost it over a pair of shoes. And, when I say “lost it”, I mean I was screaming, throwing things, crying, and came “this close” to walking out, in the pouring rain, in 50 degree weather, IN MY BARE FEET.

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Creating Internal Balance

A couple of years ago, I was going through a particularly tumultuous time in my life. Everything was in upheaval – my relationship, my job, my family, my health, even where I was living. I felt completely off-kilter. Searching for help, I came across a very simple exercise for assessing and creating internal balance. The exercise starts with the premise that each of us has mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs that should be addressed on a regular basis. 

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

The Messy Creation of My Owning Pink

I sit here thinking about writing for Owning Pink and how the stories posted here are usually written by, for and about women.

But it is not only women who lose their MOJO.

If I am going to write for Owning Pink, it’d be good to share how my world was recently unraveled and what Owning Pink really means to me.

My story begins with being unexpectedly divorced and being absolutely crushed by becoming a single daddy.

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Hope Theory: Why Hope is More Powerful Than You Think

The happy woman releasing a pigeon in sky

Dear Pinkies, please welcome back brilliant writer, midwife, and Pink Goddess Stacey Curnow, here with some inspiring - and informative! - words about hope.

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