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What's Wrong With Our Bodies, Anyway?


"Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today, she weighs 23% less."

This is just one of the messages accompanying a bold series of nude photos of Katya Zharkova, a U.S. size 12, in the January issue of PLUS Model Magazine, which asks its readers "What's wrong with our bodies, anyway?"  Quite obviously, there has been a fair amount of publicity and plenty of controversy as some praise the statements made in the shoot while others claim that endorsing a fuller figure is no safer than promoting the current fashion model ideal.

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Bathing Suits for Well-Aged Self-Confidence

I had no idea the fashion industry was running low on adult female models until I pulled this summer’s swimsuit catalog from my mailbox. What a sorry situation this has turned out to be -- using thirteen year old girls to imposter grown women. Obviously their Photoshop technicians lack experience in age amplification; the addition of hips, breasts, a broader face, smile lines, sophistication behind the eyes...

If the market is going to ask me to imagine myself lounging around the pool in a suit being modeled on the shapeless body of a middle schooler, well New York... we have a problem.

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