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Finding Stillness In The Holiday Swirl

Holiday Swirl
Three super power tools for making sure you don’t give all your energy away this holiday – holiday stress relief that works!

It’s December, so what do us crazy humans do? Run around like energizer bunnies gone mad, running from party to party, store to store, gift wrapping to cooking, baking. Bright lights, big sales and big pressure to see and be everywhere. It is a season that we spend DOING.

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How Meeting Up On “Meetup” Made Me Blossom…

Purple crocus flower

A few months ago I was at a lecture about community and how it has changed because of the internet. The worldwide web has encouraged us to be increasingly insular, as we hide away on our computers more and more to communicate with people who may be geographically distant, but of course it can also bring those in a locality closer together. One website which links people to a myriad of interest groups available in their immediate area is Meetup. A few years ago this site was the catalyst for an exponential expansion of my social confidence, not to mention my awareness of life’s possibilities.

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One Night Stands And Other Sacred Containers Not Always Meant To Be Breached

Not meant to be breached

I was in Mexico with a friend, we were drinking margaritas at an outdoor cafe. “A smoke would go good with this tequila,” I said. So I asked the woman at the table next to me if I could bum one. She and her husband had been chain smoking for the past hour, so at that point I was also thinking, If you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em.

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Why Imperfection ROCKS During The Holidays


You know how everyone seems to expect the holidays to be perfect? You may feel pressured to have the perfect presents under the tree (and lots of them). You may be expected to prepare the perfect holiday feast. Maybe you feel like you’re supposed to act perfectly happy and content, even though the holidays remind you of losing someone you loved or having your heart broken or not having someone you love to spend the holidays with. Maybe you think you’re supposed to look a certain way or dress a certain way.  Maybe you feel pressured to stuff your feelings and overlook the way your family sometimes hurts you.

Sure, it’s a time to be grateful for what we have. But the holidays don’t have to be perfect. It’s WAY better when they’re just real.

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What We Can Learn From Our Pets This Time Of Year

Tabby Cat

Just the other day I was feeling my stress level reach its boiling point. An overflowing mountain of laundry awaited my attention, my daughter needed last-minute items for a holiday craft project for school and I was stumped on what to buy people for Christmas. It certainly doesn’t help having a husband who says, “I don’t know – you don’t have to get me anything” when asked what he’d like. I was feeling a lot of pressure and not at all in the Christmas spirit.

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4 Simple Ways To Spend Less And Enjoy More This Holiday Season

frame it

The end of the year can be a time when our financial plans go out the window. We end up spending like a drunken sailor, only to wake up in the new year feeling hungover when we look at our credit card balance.

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WTF America?


Mike and I recently returned from three beautiful days in Paris.

Here’s what I noticed about this storied city:

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Your Stress-Free Holiday Survival Guide (With A Twist)

Photo credit: www.photoxpress.com

Are you ready for more advice on how to reduce stress this holiday season? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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Buh-Bye, Superwoman! Celebrating the Holidays Like a Real Woman

Ever ask yourself why Wonder Woman never made it as a feminist icon? Because she’s not real – she’s The Impossible Woman.

2011 is the year I gave up on Woman Impossible and fell in love with real women, and my transformation was final last week when – in the midst of the work/holiday stress - I cancelled my annual-for-20-years Christmas party.

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