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Five Signs That You’ve Lost Yourself (And Your Integrity) In Your Relationship

Sense of Self

If you are like me (and most women around my age), the memory of Carrie Bradshaw giving up her entire life to move to Paris with Aleksandr is a bittersweet one.  I was so hopeful when she first arrived in that beautiful hotel in the city of lights to start a new life with Mikhail Baryshnikov.  As I’m sure Carrie was, too.  I was also already worried and the admonitions of Miranda Hobbs echoed in my head.  Then, in the final episode, when Carrie gives up going to the party thrown in her honor in order to take care of Aleksandr at his opening, I almost lost it.  Thank heavens she came to her senses when she found her “Carrie” necklace hidden beneath the silk lining of her favorite vintage purse.  I cheered her on as she ran gracefully in heels and a swirl of tulle across Paris. Then I felt the sting of her shame upon finding the empty bookstore and the copy of her book with its cover marred by the wine glass stain. 

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Unlock Your Relationship Through Sex

Unlock Your Relationship

By: Jordan Gray

Sex is the glue that holds your relationship together.

Many relationship experts claim that passion fades over time and that a fall in sex drive is a normal and healthy thing that everyone experiences.

And yet...

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Why Everyone Needs Sex School

Why Everyone Needs Sex School

Going to school to study something doesn’t mean that you aren’t any good at it.

I’ve been doing yoga for eight years. I’m pretty good at it.

Last weekend I attended an intensive workshop to get better at it.

I wanted to break down certain poses, get really clear on what feels right and lines up correctly in my body.

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

The Messy Creation of My Owning Pink

I sit here thinking about writing for Owning Pink and how the stories posted here are usually written by, for and about women.

But it is not only women who lose their MOJO.

If I am going to write for Owning Pink, it’d be good to share how my world was recently unraveled and what Owning Pink really means to me.

My story begins with being unexpectedly divorced and being absolutely crushed by becoming a single daddy.

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