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Dharma: Embrace Your Soul's True Calling

Perhaps you've heard the word 'dharma' before, maybe not. Chances are, this enticing and intriguing word has caught your eye once or twice before but without a substantial definition. Living your dharma is not merely about living your life purpose. Living your dharma is the intricate and specific compilation of WHO you are, what you're here to do, and how you do it. Dharma is the essence of living an aligned life. Watch this first video of a 3 part series and discover the secrets more people will never know about living life on your own divine terms.

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My Evil Friend Who Lives In My Pocket

Revealed! The Inner Secret I Couldn’t Hide…

It has been a long hard struggle with my evil friend.

He nearly ruined my life and bankrupted me.

Over time, I could have lost everything and thrown my life down the drain.

Watch this super short episode to avoid this happening to you.

It’s up-close and personal…

Check out this video to find out what I am talking about...

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Get Your Mojo On: Retreat Into Your WHOLE Health

Get Your Mojo On

I’m so excited to be leading a workshop at Kripalu, a gorgeous retreat center in the Berkshires in Massachusetts in June, and for those who are considering signing up -- or even for those who will miss it, I wanted to share with you some snippets of what I’ll be teaching.

Do you need a jump start in your life? Are you feeling disconnected, both spiritually and from other people? Are you ready to ramp up your mojo, find your life purpose, get healthy, light your creative spark, and hang with me in the flesh?

If so, GOOD NEWS! You can unite with other vital women, speak your truth, be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU, get personal coaching, and light your Inner Pilot Light in the gorgeous setting of Kripalu.

You could say that my workshop is a “health” workshop, but if you said that, you’d be putting this workshop in a box and making it way too small -- although I’m a physician, I don’t think of health the way most doctors do. Which is exactly why I started OwningPink.com, because my definition of health includes not just the body, but also mental/emotional health, work/life purpose, relationships, creativity, spirituality, sexuality, and a whole lot more! I call it “whole health," aka “mojo.” As in GET YOUR MOJO ON, baby!

So what are we going to be doing?

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How I'm Making Peace With My White Coat (Or How I Found The Baby In The Bathwater)

wellness redefine health care

If you know anything about me, you know how much I resist being put in a box. Especially the Doctor Box. Or even more narrowly, the Vagina Box. As much as I want to be recognized for all the Renaissance gifts I’m blessed to have, the fact that I'm an MD is what draws the majority of the attention I get. It’s why Cosmopolitan magazine asked me for a quote last week. It’s why Huffington Post named me among their Twitter Powerhouses. It’s why a New York editor approached me with the idea to write my book What’s Up Down There. It’s why TV and radio producers call.

And yet, I'm not practicing traditional medicine anymore after closing my practice in December. I left medicine for many reasons, but the biggest is because I’m so sick and tired of the way medicine is being practiced that I don’t want to be affiliated with it anymore. I’m pissed at doctors, and I’m even more pissed at managed care insurance companies, malpractice lawyers, and the pharmaceutical industry. I experienced such trauma at the hands of all of the above that I just want out. My Inner Pilot Light has had it with our broken health care system.

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Put Your True Purpose On Your To-Do list!

Purpose on Your ToDo List

Ever had one of those awesome moments when you know why the heck you're on this planet and what you want to do with the time left to you? Your heart swells with passion and you have no end of energy to do that thing your most authentic self came here to do. Yeah! Like that! It's a rush, isn't it? It's like you're walking on air, like the burdens of the world are just GONE and you are in true alignment with the Universe. You look up at the heavens and scream, "Yeah, God! I OWN this. More of this!"

This was me over the holidays.

Then Jan 3 arrived.

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Accomplishing More by Doing Less (Part I – Find Your True North)

Find True North

Like the average Owning Pink reader, I have a lot of things going on. This year I’ve made hundreds of pots, been working a day job, practicing daily yoga, writing for Owning Pink, writing for my own blogs, cookings lots of healthy meals, serving on a non-profit board, returning to school . . . Oh heck, you get the idea – it’s a long list of commitments. At least once a week someone asks me, “How do you do it all?"  My answer is always the same – I do less.

Whhaaat? I know it sounds ironic, but one of the tools in my radical self-care toolbox is “doing less.” But how is that possible when I am doing more than I ever did? Even I was confused by this paradox.

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Owning Our Gifts

A gift by any other name…

More often than ever before, my clients are asking me to help them find their most fulfilling life work or endeavor. Over the years, we have gone through various approaches to this fundamental question about our lives.

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9 Tips for How to Own Pink

Happy One Month Anniversary, new OwningPink.com!  Now let's get back to the basics...

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10 Things You Need To Be Vital

Today is the first day I see patients at my new practice, The Owning Pink Center, an integrative medicine center for vital wellness. In honor of this special day, I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have on being not just well, but VITAL. Too many people (including doctors) settle for being merely "not sick." But I believe we have the capacity for so much more. I believe we can get and keep our mojo, nurture the body so that it performs optimally, and live a joyful, fulfilled life.

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Your Alternative Career Search: Relax, Heal, and Play


Dear, dear Pinkies ... please welcome back Pink Goddess extraordinaire Tama Kieves, author of This Time I Dance: Creating the Work You Love. She has generously given us permission to reprint her monthly newsletter, "Trusting the Journey Times," on Owning Pink for the life-altering benefit of all seeking Pinkies. Enjoy this message, and be sure to check out Tama's site www.awakeningartistry.com.

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