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Scorpio Full Moon: Open Closet, Exit Skeletons

scorpio full moon

Welcome back to the AstroTwins New/Full Moon series! Today, we dive into the depths with Scorpio's full moon, which cranks up the intensity and tunes us into our souls. Scorpio is a spiritual healer and the ruler of extremes. It can bring out both our darkest shadows and our highest selves. The Scorpio full moon reveals all of the “secrets” we’ve been keeping (including hiding our own light under a bushel). Open closet, exit skeletons.

Balance and Letting Go

This year’s Scorpio full moon is also opposite four planets in practical, grounded Taurus, indicating that we need to balance our material and spiritual desires. It’s fine to crave more money, luxury and beautiful things, but is it at the expense of a soul goal? On the flip side, this opposition reminds us that poverty, lack and struggle aren’t noble—nor are they necessary to be spiritually “enlightened.” Going without doesn’t make us more virtuous, and wanting nice things doesn’t mean we’re out of touch with the divine. Find the right balance today.

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What I Learned From Six Inch Stripper Shoes

learned stripper shoes

I woke up to this sentence in my inbox last Tuesday:

Next week we will dance in the stripper shoes if you are ready to go there.

No, I haven’t ditched my day job—a few weeks ago I embarked upon my S Factor journey, slipping into a dark dance studio with seven other women to discover our “erotic creatures” under the glow of the red light (check out my first post here). A few classes in and we’re upping our game—literally. About six inches or so.

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