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Chaos can be a catalyst for transformation. When life gets nutty, look for the growth opportunities.

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3 Steps To A Healthy Body Image

Weight loss by tape measure
What’s more painful than chronic physical pain?

The pain that lives inside of us, that’s what. Can you imagine being 100 pounds overweight and living with all of the agony that goes along with that? The inability to buy a dress or the fear that goes with flying on an airplane? Now, can you imagine losing that weight and still coming up short? Still feeling deep inside that you are not good enough? Never believing for more than a few moments at a time, that you are beautiful and valuable?

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Tweeting To Transformation

I am humbled to introduce Syda Renai. ::Insert Saturday Posse Party music here::  Syda and I met on Twitter through a mutual friend, Carla. I first got to know Syda in the Journaling Lounge. Our relationship quickly carried over to Owning Pink and finally, the Pink Posse. There I have watched Syda grow from being a rather reserved person, to taking her life by the (pardon my language,) balls and going for what she really wants. One of my favorite things about Owning Pink is the large range of diversity that occurs within our walls. Syda is a strong example that no matter how you have lived in the past, all that matters is the moment and what you do with it now. It is my pleasure to introduce a small piece of her journey to us, enjoy! -- Megan Monique

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How To Lose Weight With Love: An MD’s Thoughts On Owning Your Health

"Expressions of Self Love," artwork by Rita Loyd (c) 2005

Standing at the airport looking at magazine headlines, I found myself, once again, nauseated by all the headlines about weight loss.  How To Lose 100 pounds Without Trying.  The Biggest Loser Loses More.  Jane Superstar Magically Gets Her Body Back After Baby. Oh No! Gorgeous Supermodel Has A Muffin Top! It’s enough to make a girl want to puke.

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