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Look in the mirror & love what you see? How can you expect others to love you if you can’t love you


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If You Resist Sales And Marketing But Want To Make Money, Read This

Sales and Marketing

Fact: money gets transferred between people because one of the people has something that the other person values enough to pay for.

In order for a transaction to take place, the buyer has to have found out about the valuable thing the other person is selling in some way.

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Barbie and Body Image

Banned Body Shop Ad

Does the above image offend you?

It offended Mattel, the makers of the infamous Barbie doll. The company pulled rank, sent Body Shop a cease and desist letter, effectively yanking the ad from circulation.

Granted, this all happened about five years ago. But the fact that the image above still appears on Facebook pages asking those who agree with The Body Shop to repost to their own page in a show of support, along with the fact that I got so fired up about the topic, tells us we still have a ways to go before society stops assigning worth based on body size alone.

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Focusing Your Business Energy: Strategy For Success or Limiting Box?

business strategy stuck in box

Imagine my surprise when this showed up in my inbox in a newsletter from Jessica Steward, a coach I admire. Not only was it specifically referencing a business challenge I’ve faced, but it’s actually written about me. I thought it was such a powerful article, I wanted to share it with you all here, in case any of you suffer from unfocused energy spray in your business the way I do!

Something clicked when I read this, and I suddenly realized that focusing my business energy isn’t the same as putting myself in a box or limiting who I am or what I do. It’s also okay to leave my business energy nebulous, if that’s what I choose to do. I found this article very insightful and professionally spot on, so I though you might too. Take it away, Jessica! -- Lissa Rankin

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Are You Giving Your Business Away? Become A Heartpreneur Series - Part 2

heartpreneur giving up business

Can you live a divinely-inspired life, connect to your calling, be an entrepreneur, and still make money?

That question has been buzzing in my head lately (see Part One in this series, "Do Well By Doing Good") and from what I can gather from those of you who are writing to me, talking to me at my public speaking events, and posting in Owning Pink comments, it’s on your mind too.

Many of us are jaded and disillusioned from the corporate world, so we’ve left behind boardrooms, hospitals, courts, classrooms, and other systems where
we went to practice our art and found ourselves lost. After leaving the systems that conspire to dim our lights, we often find ourselves faced with uncomfortable
choices as we align with our Inner Pilot Lights. We may desire the comfort, stability, ability to be generous with others, and little (or big) luxuries that accompany a lucrative paycheck. But many of us are simply done selling our souls for the privilege of that stable income.

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Can You Sell Stuff & Still Be Authentic?

sales authentic

I have a confession to make. 

For the past couple years, I’ve been creating content to one day make available for sale on Owning Pink. I’ve developed a very complete program about getting out of your own way so you can rock your business and your life. I’ve written an e-book with a complete step-by-step cookbook guide that shows exactly how I manage bioidentical adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones to help women optimize their vitality. I’ve worked with Tricia Barrett and Laurie Erdman to develop a complete detox cleanse guide so you can take charge of your health and your body. I’ve written every secret I learned in the publishing world and developed the Bring Your Book To Life e-book. And I’ve got several more in the works.

But I have no clue how to sell anything.
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Attraction Planning – A New Form of Marketing

In my last article, I spoke about a vision for a new form of marketing. One where, as business professionals, we could attract opportunities to us that were in greater alignment with our deepest intentions, both individually and collectively as teams. In this new world, there would no longer be a need for fear-based advertising. Instead, it would be about the presence we cultivated in ourselves as the key ingredient to greater abundance for everyone on the planet.

There was one piece of the vision that I left out -- the actual image that came to my mind of what the process could look like for both entrepreneurs and entire organizations. I’ve decided to write about it here.   

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A New Vision for Marketing

The New Marketing

If there is one thing I’ve taken away from my many years of marketing, it’s a vision for how things could be different. I mentioned in a previous blog post a vision that had come to me a while back about an entirely new form of marketing. 

The vision is less about ‘perfecting’ the right message for a web site or building awareness through clever promotions.  Instead, it’s more about the presence we cultivate in ourselves as the key ingredient to greater abundance.

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When Perfectly Good Pussy Is Bad

Here Kitty, Kitty

“Don't be a pussy” is a sexist statement to my ears, and it’s my generation’s version of today’s school kids calling things that aren’t cool “gay.” I come from a city where calling someone gay is not an automatic insult, plus I’m a writer who thinks common slang is the poetry of human anthropology, so it took this aware smarty pants a painfully long time to hear what these kids were truly saying.

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