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What To Do If You Feel Disrespected

What to do if you feel disrespected

Yes, life would be so much easier and SO much better if everyone would simply conform to my perfect way of doing things.

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What Is Your Relationship To... Life?

Life Relationship

I'm not sure there is a bigger question than this. It bears repeating: what...is...your relationship to life?

I was in Kauai in the fall and read Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth between beaches. And this question of his became my walking, rambling, meditation. "What is my relationship...to LIFE?!" Daunting.

Spectacular. Galvanizing. Perhaps my favourite question of all time.
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Own the Moon, To Own All Of You

This post is in response to a discussion in the “Owning The Planet” forum on the Pink Posse. Forum leader and Pinkie Blogger, Monica Wilcox posed this question to me, “I've been thinking all day about earth as ‘she’ and am very curious what your perspective is Jennifer (as an astrologer). Is there a feminine energy connected to planet Earth, to Venus or are these man-made labels? If so, where is the male energy in the system to bring about balance?”

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Go Ahead - Judge Your Neighbor!

Emily, one of our lovely Owning Pink bloggers and a multi-passion mama who uses my Multi-Passion Mama Productivity System, recently posed this question:

You mention how you yourself insist on discipline when it comes to house cleaning and will— for instance— put your tea mug in the sink as soon as you're done. But that you don't insist your husband and son do the same. Do you have any tips on how to deal with living with people who don't share this discipline? For instance, my husband does not seem to have it in his DNA to keep things in their designated spot in the house, and this is troubling when it’s something like car keys or dog leashes that I am hunting for on a daily basis.

The question, of course, is an excellent one. I have SO been there with the frustration that stems from others’ inability or unwillingness to conform to my perfect way of doing things.

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What Is Your Thought? Mining the Pinkie Subconscious

Are you familiar with this experience? Once upon a time when you were a fresh- faced pinkie, you had an unpleasant, toxic, embarrassing, or abusive experience, which led to a thought. The thought recurred and over time you took it in as truth. Do you know what is your unique thought? I didn’t truly, consciously know mine until recently.

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