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Purging The Green-Eyed Gremlin

green-eyed gremlin

That little green-eyed gremlin has been at me for years. Maybe it wasn't always around – or maybe I just didn't notice it much – I think it might have just been more cleverly disguised when I was a kid.

But as I've lived, from birthing babes to managing menopause to coveting the clarity of the crone, I've noticed that gremlin lurking, sometimes popping right into my mind, scaring the sweet bejesus right out of me.

I've fed into it, allowed it to have its way with me, and now that gremlin resides within me.

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3 Steps To A Healthy Body Image

Weight loss by tape measure
What’s more painful than chronic physical pain?

The pain that lives inside of us, that’s what. Can you imagine being 100 pounds overweight and living with all of the agony that goes along with that? The inability to buy a dress or the fear that goes with flying on an airplane? Now, can you imagine losing that weight and still coming up short? Still feeling deep inside that you are not good enough? Never believing for more than a few moments at a time, that you are beautiful and valuable?

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Body Image: Passing Our Issues On To Our Daughters

The photo is of my daughter and me at the beach last summer; it is important to note that I am seriously sucking in the gut.

My Non-Reaction

On Friday, this article about Barbie was brought to my attention. Apparently there is a new collector’s edition Barbie that is sporting a bit too much cleavage -- it's being marketed to adults but sold on the toy aisle next to all of the other Barbies. Mothers are up in arms that this doll is sending the wrong message to their young daughters. I looked at the photo of the doll and as a mother of two young daughters had... absolutely no reaction. For that reason I felt I had to write about it. 

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