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Sit Back & Receive

I work hard to balance my Eff it Let’s Go mentality with my sit back and RECEIVE approach to life. In this vlog I teach you the power of stillness and receptivity. The purpose of this message is to guide you to know when to take action and when to be still. You’ll come to understand that stillness is sometimes the greatest action.

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How To Find Security In Uncertain Times

How to Find Security in Uncertain Times

As you may remember, last year I decided to leave the security of my J-O-B and work for myself. It was one of the scariest things I've ever done.

I was leaving behind an almost 20-year track record of salary and benefits, a salary and benefits my family had always relied on. I can promise you I didn’t take the decision to quit lightly. I spent many sleepless nights thinking about every possible worst-case scenario.

But I knew the job I once loved no longer offered me the same meaning and satisfaction. I knew that coaching and entrepreneurship completely lit me up inside. I knew I was talking about my one precious life. And so in the end I thought, how can I not quit?

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Woman Uncut

I have been living on the edge of something for a while, something elusive and fearful, something powerful but terrifying. I was stuck in a dark, constricted, oppressive space which seemed without end. I had no words to express what I was on the edge of, or how it felt.

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The Power Of Mantras

The Power of Mantras

There is no denying the power of a clear and focused mind. Many meditation techniques, TM for example, are based upon focusing upon a single mantra to clear the mind and enter a new state of consciousness. This often results in profound effects on people easily and quickly. I am not promoting TM or suggesting you go and pay large amounts of money for a mantra, my point is that your mind, if used to become focused on one thing, one eternal point, can bring enormous power into your life.

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Reclaiming Your Power From Chronic Illness

Power Yoga

What does power have to do with creating lasting wellness? 


If you have landed here, my guess is you are feeling powerless in some aspect of your life.  Maybe you are so fatigued you don’t have the energy to enjoy your family or start the business you always dreamed of.  Maybe you were just diagnosed with an “incurable” disease and don’t know where to turn.  Or maybe you have been living with an illness for years and feel like you have tried everything your doctors have told you to, with no success.  If any of these are true for you, you are in serious need of some power.

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Create A Shortcut To Your Source

Create a Shortcut to Your Source

For the past two years, Lydia has been involved with a man who, it has become increasingly clear, is not a healthy choice for a boyfriend. Julian is moody, often depressed, and has recently become verbally and even physically abusive.

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Heal Yourself, Heal The World

feathered pipe

The world is deeply in need of healing. Civil wars are breaking out in countries across the globe. Children are starving. Global warming is turning natural disasters into catastrophes, destroying our habitats, and killing our animal species. The global economic crisis is destroying lives and breaking apart countries. Rainforests are disappearing. Soldiers are killing civilians and bragging about it. Women around the world are oppressed, abused, silenced, and killed if they dare to step into their power.

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Buh-Bye, Superwoman! Celebrating the Holidays Like a Real Woman

Ever ask yourself why Wonder Woman never made it as a feminist icon? Because she’s not real – she’s The Impossible Woman.

2011 is the year I gave up on Woman Impossible and fell in love with real women, and my transformation was final last week when – in the midst of the work/holiday stress - I cancelled my annual-for-20-years Christmas party.

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Practicing Love, With A Little Medicine On The Side

Lissa Rankin

As I wrote about here, I believe medicine is a spiritual practice because practicing medicine is all about being vessels for Divine love, so we can facilitate the process of self-healing for our patients.

But nobody ever taught me this in medical school. I learned it by merely being human.

Because of my ability to be both human and a doctor, I have always practiced love, with a little medicine on the side.

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Women, Hold Your Men In The Paterno Fallout

joe paterno

I like to write about sex but lately I’ve been more taken with the gender-related power issues that swirl around sex in our society. Why? Because I think one of the reasons it’s so hard for women to own their sexuality is because of the way sex has been used to keep us out of our power. I’m not going to go into a rant about that here because (a) I’m tired of all that blaming and (b) you’ve heard it all before. But there is a shift in our world going on around men, women, sex, and power and it may be about to hit your father, husband, partner, sons and lots of guys you work with.

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