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Feel your feelings, experience them, then let them go. Don’t get stuck in your story.


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This ONE Feeling Gets You On The Shortest Path To Your Dreams (+ My Mind Movie!)

seeking your dreams

“Strength implies remaining the subject of one’s life.” – Simone de Beauvoir

There are a few REALLY big questions that should be the basis of your life. I’ve talked about some of them before: Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? What do I want to have? How do I want to feel?

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Gratitude Is A Leadership Practice


Jane is overwhelmed at work with more on her to-do list than she can get done. John has a co-worker that is just plain difficult to work with.  Claire has an inner critic that is really loud and she can’t get a break. Michael is trying to motivate his team but just can’t get them engaged. Know anyone facing these types of issues? A friend, perhaps even you? If you face any of these challenges, starting a gratitude practice will help.

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You Only Get One Dollar


Imagine that, each day, you are given a dollar. That dollar is yours to do with whatever you wish. You can spend it on anything you like. You can give it to a friend. But you have to use that dollar in the day that it is given to you. No returns. No Refunds. And you can’t save it for a rainy day.

You have to choose—and choose wisely—how you will use that dollar each day, before you lose it.

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Time Management VS Moving With Inner Guidance

my time

Last year I ambitiously enrolled myself in 18 courses. (Weeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Courses on marketing, copywriting, online business and (more) coaching training.  Courses for my business and courses for my personal & spiritual growth.

The time I spent on these courses was, of course, added on top of the hours dedicated to working with clients so my schedule became pretty loaded. Even though I’m far from being a time management expert, I did manage my time in a way that didn’t make me feel too overwhelmed, even with everything on my plate.

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The Guilty Woman's Guide to Claiming Her Worth

"We resist the great temptations, but it is the little ones that eventually pull us down.” – Edith Wharton

If you’re like me, it can be hard to find opportunities to merge your “ideal” schedule with the one that life tries to hand you without your input or permission.

As you go through your day, the challenge is to make sure that your own dreams and goals are just as high up on the list as your other priorities, like family, friends and work. And it really is a challenge. But finding the balance is so worth the effort.

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The Art Of Non-Conformity

While I was on the road on my 20 city book tour for What’s Up Down There?, fellow author/blogger/entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau reached out because he too is in the midst of a book tour (63 cities for him -- puts my tour to shame!).

Turns out Chris is not only my soul sibling but also the author of The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live The Life You Want, and Change The World. Chris and I have been nearly missing meeting in person in airports and bookstores around the county, and when I was at Inkwood Books in Tampa, our books were sitting right next to each other on the front table, presumably because both of us were doing book tour events there the same week. So I bought it --  and read it obsessively in the next 24 hours.

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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Hot Sex

As some of you may know, I went to the BlogHer conference last week (along with other members of the Owning Pink Posse) -- but what I haven’t told you yet is that while I was there I got the best goody bag ever. The conference is known for its “swag” – the gifts companies give to the women of the conference -- and this year companies outdid themselves by offering really incredible stuff, like Flip video cameras, iPads, and even (for one lucky person) a car. I had gone in knowing this. I also went public with my intention to resist all swag. I already have everything I need.

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Owning Chaos: Nothing Is Under Control


Tossing And Turning

Hello Dear Pinkies. An exhausted Joy here with you today. I was awake in the wee hours of the night, my head spinning with thoughts of all that I must accomplish between now and 2010. I’m making my first Thanksgiving dinner next week, then flying to the east coast that night for an abbreviated trip that will include a dear friend’s wedding and visits with family and friends. I’m also hoping to be certified as an integral coach in January, for which I have pages and pages of cases and book summaries and essays to write by the end of December. And oh, the winter holidays approacheth, don’t they? So many loved ones upon whom I want to shower tokens of my adoration in the way of gifts, even small ones. Not to mention my three year old nephew’s approaching birthday … Auntie’s got to come through there, no excuses.

Such were the thoughts and lists clogging my brain from 3–5am as I tossed and turned, alternately making mental “don’t forget” lists and willing myself to get some sleep in preparation for a busy weekend filled with even more … stuff.

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