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Why Connecting To Your Soul Doesn’t Require Yoga Pants

Monica Wilcox
The Swing

My roof had grown quiet. Roofers lounged in the shade of midafternoon, nibbling food from brown bags. I watched from my window as one of the men shuffled to the 25 foot swing in our backyard, enticing him with its gentle sway.  He approached with hesitation and an air of embarrassment, as if grown men don’t swing. His comrades hollered jabs in a language I didn’t know but understood. Teasing is universally recognized. The roofer crept forward as if that plank were a wild creature he longed to stroke. Taking a seat, he gave in to the force of gravity. Push . . . pull . . . push . . . pull. 

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10 New Ways To Use Essential Oils

essential oils

The words “essential oils” probably conjure images of utter relaxation. Whether they’re slathered on someone’s back during a massage or used to stretch deeper during yoga class, essential oils certainly have power in aiding us as we seek serenity. It may come as a surprise to learn that they do more than waft these calming scents. In fact, essential oils have myriad uses that can be incorporated into your daily life. The following list covers only 10 of the potential ways that you can mix up your usage of essential oils, although there are hundreds out there. Experiment, take a deep breath and enjoy.

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Which Sauce Are You Marinating In?

Happy Juice

By: Jodi Nishida

So what do I mean by "sauce?"  I'm talking about the hormones that our bodies secrete throughout the day.  Whatever we secrete most is what we're essentially marinating in.  Now think about what I just said ... If we're marinating in stuff all day, would you prefer Happy Juice or Toxic Sludge?  This is a topic I have been looking into for the last year that was recently confirmed in two books I read:  Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin, MD.  Her book states, "The average American experiences 50 stress response episodes each day."  50.  Wow.  With each stress response, your body secretes cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine), the same hormones engaged in the "fight or flight response."  In chronically high levels, this is Toxic Sludge and it's bad for you.

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Yoga And Essential Oils: A Perfect Recipe For Stress Relief


Stress is an unfortunate, recurring part of our lives. While some stresses are sporadic and fleeting (a bad day, a job interview), others are ongoing or cyclical (intrusive in-laws, a high stress career, raising children, paying bills).

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Why Engaging In Work You Love Could Save Your Life

work stress

You probably know that having a toxic job that stresses you out and sucks the soul out of you isn’t exactly good for you. As a physician who has experienced work stress myself, as well as witnessing it in my patients, it’s obvious to me that work stress is poisonous and can translate into physical symptoms. You know this already. Anyone who has ever gotten a migraine after a deal went bad or stiff shoulders after the boss criticized him can attest to that.

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Exhale, Relax & Dream

Sit down and pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea. I have some refreshing and profound news to share with you.

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Create A Daily Practice

prayer flags

Spiritual Athlete,

Yes, that’s what you are, a spiritual athlete. So why the heck would you bolt out of bed and start your day without a warm-up? “But, I’m busy, the world needs me, I have 57 kids and 2 needy husbands and a flock of dogs.” Yeah, yeah, join the club tootsie! When I start my day with caffeine, emails, news and stress, I can pretty much guarantee 24 hours in shitsville.

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Lower Stress, Higher Productivity, Optimal Health: Give the Ultimate Holiday Gift

My husband is taking me on a tour of his new office building. It’s two years old, very modern, sleek, and colored a light smoky blue. We enter the marketing/sales wing, a square 50 yard rat maze of cubicles. There’s not one picture on the walls, and only one dusty, fake plant in a sea of fabricated half walls. 

“What do you think?” he asks, weaving his way to his office. If they had not put a name plate on it, I’m not sure he, or anyone else, would be able to locate it twice.

“It’s awfully….sterile.” I whisper.

He looks around, as if he is SEEING his work space for the first time. “Yeah, it is kind of empty.” A room full of 43 people -- devoid of life. Not exactly the place I’d want anyone to spend the majority of their waking time.

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Learning to Breathe

It’s amazing what children can teach us.

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