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Teaching Our Kids to Move - Not Just Think!

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Let’s get our kids moving their bodies NOW!

Three cheers for the study and article in USA Today by Amanda Gardner, HealthDay, "Experts: Recess improves student behavior." It's about time! I remember when my very bright, energized, and engaged son stood up after sitting at a desk for several hours and got scolded. I told his teacher, 'These kids need to move once in a while to keep their brains active." She disagreed. I am sure happy to see experts now waking up to how important it is to give our kids time to move throughout the day.

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Getting Comfortable On The Couch: My 20 Year Search For A Therapist

Greetings, Pinkies! In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week and today -- National Depression Screening Awareness Day -- we want to share some insight, bust some myths, and get real about how depression affects us and our loved ones. Jennifer's story about finding the right therapist will no doubt resonate with many of us who have searched, or thought about searching, for that special someone -- ok, the other special someone: the therapist with whom you feel most comfortable and heard. Enjoy -- and many thanks to Jennifer for digging deep and sharing your journey!

When I was in high school, I wanted to see a therapist; I was experiencing massive anxiety about school and relationships and it was affecting my sleep and my eating habits. There were periods when my hands would shake so much it was hard to hold a pencil or fork. But, I knew it was useless to ask my parents about it. They made their thoughts on therapy very clear. The idea of telling a stranger all your secrets went against everything they believed in. According to them, if people know things about you, no matter how mundane, they’ll use this knowledge against you. They’ll judge you. They’ll tell everyone else, and your life will be ruined. You’ll never get into college or get a job or a loan for a car. And, if other people were to know you were going to a therapist, they’d assume the worst, and there would be even more people ruining your life.

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