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Getting To Know The Real You

Who Are You?

We are an incredibly distracted society.  In a relatively short amount of time, we went from having no information to a state of information overload.  Our lives are fast-paced and frenetic.   We spend the majority of our time looking at screens:  TV screens, computer screens, iPad screens, phone screens, watch screens, etc.  Everything arrives in an instant.  Tap a screen, buy the song you just heard on the radio.  Tap a screen, your Starbucks order is ready when you arrive.  Text a pizza emoji to Dominos and they start cooking your favorite pizza.   Don’t like your spouse, jump on-line and meet someone new.  What real meaning lies behind all this technology?  Do any of these things make you a better person or the world a better place?

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The (Spiritual) Alternative To Wearable Tech

Tech ware

More than once I had to check to see if I was reading something from The Onion.

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Can You Survive Without Your Phone?

As we were rushing around to get out the door for our 4th of July weekend trip to the lake, I misplaced my iPhone and was forced to leave without it…for 4 days!  What at first seemed like a curse, ended up being a blessing!

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How Technology Hyper-Ages Us

Hyperaged By Technology

When my parents passed over in 2005 the extent of their personal technology was a flip phone for emergencies, a towering home computer and their AOL email account. I often wonder if they came back today what would shock them the most about our technological world.

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How We Run Meetings, Get Personal, Get Down To Business, Get It Done

Team Meeting

Being a virtual company is mostly all great — the freedom, working in your yoga pants with a puppy on your lap — or from a hotel room, solitude to create. And… it has challenges. #TeamDanielle is made up of a core team of 8 women + key service providers. The biggest challenge for me with being a virtual business was our team meetings.

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Harvest Of Health Available To Anyone, Anytime


For anyone who might have been listening, the exchange must have seemed pretty mundane.

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Is Too Much Juggling Causing You Brain Drain?


Do you find yourself multi tasking non-stop and experiencing separation anxiety when your smart devices are not nearby?

I’m asking this question to myself as much as you, to remember to give my brain time outs from multi tasking and my smart devices.

Between the pressure to get more things in a day done than we are sometimes capable of, and the readily access to cool devices to use, we switch our brain frantically between tasks causing an overload of the brain’s processing capacity. The result. We burn out.

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Spirited Sounds

Alexandra Heather Foss, Spirited Sounds

Where I am sitting right now a motorcycle just revved its engine and an inquisitive squirrel stopped its descent mid-trunk out of fear.  The engine has vanished down a curvy road but the squirrel remains still, afraid to shift position.  It watches me through the porch screen, wary of the sounds, the vibrations, the rhythm of a life force not quite natural, and when only the wind is left in the wake of the vehicle, the squirrel ripples its tail, as if testing the air for danger, and then dashes down the tree to a patch of lawn, careful to avoid the concrete road.

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