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Refugees: Remembering 9/11


I woke up, that September morning, with a stiff neck and a sore right hip from sleeping on the couch in my cousin Dinaz’s living room. My fifty-two-year-old body, unaccustomed to narrow, hard mattresses and the slope of couch cushions, ached. Dinaz’s apartment in midtown Manhattan was air conditioned and so cold that I wrapped a blanket around my shoulders even though it was still summer and in the high nineties outside. I opened the blinds and blinked against the dazzle of sun. Fourteen stories below, the street was a narrow canyon shadowed by tall buildings.

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The War: Faith vs. Fear

war faith fear

From Lissa: I wrote this post yesterday, before a massive tsunami hit Japan this morning and made me wonder if the story of my internal war was too self-absorbed to post on the day a worldwide natural disaster strikes. I thought about taking it down. But then I realized it's perfect. We are always at war in some way- globally, internally. The secret lies in finding peace in the midst of war, for this is achievable, even when natural disasters, injustices, and war are unavoidable. May we pray for victims of the tsunami, but also for those of us who find ourselves at war with ourselves.

Something in me is trying to come out. I can feel it like this alien in my belly, a twisting and turning devil fetus with sharp claws. My life is not roses and violets right now. It’s dark nights of the soul mixed with moments of deep spiritual connection. It’s glorious triumphs and heart-wrenching disappointments. It’s heartfelt new friendships and tragic relationship losses.

It’s the best of times. It’s the worst of times.

Which is SOO not me. I’m the eternal optimist. I’m Pollyanna. I’m peaches and cream. I can find the good in every situation.

But something about this feels necessary. It feels like a power struggle between opposing forces within me. It feels like WAR.

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The Prisons We Inhabit & Break Free From

It is strange to think that we live in a world, where in one country women fight for their right to talk publicly about their vaginas and in another country women are still prohibited from showing their hair, and yet in another country, laws prohibit donning burkas all together and somewhere they still mutilate women, cutting away their pleasure organ. Strange, because, we are inter-connected like never before, through internet, media, trade relations, environmental crisis and warfare, and it's becoming harder and harder to keep ugly secrets. Information is more readily available and as a species, we are more enlightened and know so much, not only about our brains and biology but also about the state of our planet, the games we play in the world through gender, money, politics and power. Perhaps I have high hopes and expect too much of our human race, but the co-existence of both futuristic and ancient paradigms baffles me. Especially because, despite our super-evolved consciousness and sophisticated ways, we all seem to live in prisons. Some we choose, some we don't.

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Loving the Warriors... and the Haters

I remember September 11th like it was yesterday. The first thing I remember is that my kids were in school about three and half miles from the smoking wreckage of the Pentagon. The next thing I remember is that my husband’s office was between the White House and the Capital – where the fourth plane was headed -- and that he couldn’t get to the kids because everyone was running, driving and walking out of the city for their lives. The next image that swims into view was me -- stuck in Los Angeles for a week away from my family and friends in NY and DC who were suffering so terribly. For the first and last time in years, I was glued to CNN to watch the tragedy unfold. Even LA shut down for three days, the American People were so shocked – and afraid.

But then what I remember was love. The great outpouring of support for the victims and their families -- the calls for tolerance and not to continue the cycle of hate. My neighbors and country responded to those calls – for a while.

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Owning Our Wholeness: Epiphanies

Epiphany Times Three by Kathrin Burleson

Epiphany Times Three by Kathrin Burleson


Hiya Pinkies - please welcome back the incomparable Alice Langholt, Pink Reiki Rockstar and dispenser of great Pink wisdom. Today she writes of ephiphanies -- those pivotal moments in life that make us who we are. We drank in every word and know you will too. Thank you, Alice, for this gorgeous, thought-provoking piece.

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Mojo Monday Exercise: Shut off Your TV

tvHey Pinkies,

Joy here today with a rather scary prospect for Mojo Monday. Shut off your TV.

"But-" Oh no, you heard me. Shut off your TV. Not only that: turn off the radio, leave the newspaper folded, and stay off CNN.com.

“But-” No. Really. Everything. Off.

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Are You Fair Weather Friends With the Divine?

regina-spektor1This song from Regina Spektor's 2009 album Far inspired me to post it here. I just heard it for the first time recently, and it's still swirling around my head. I downloaded it to my Pink Playlist on my Ipod and was wandering amongst the redwoods in Muir Woods when I heard it. I wound up in tears.

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In Memory: For All The Soldiers and Veterans

soldiermemorialdayBlessings to those who are still there, those who have come home, and those who didn't make it back. We love you and thank you for your service, and we remember you on this Memorial Day.

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