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There are lots of organizations doing good in the world, but these non profits have a special pink twist to their philosophy and approach that is truly empowering. Please help support our partners with generous donations when you are able. Tell them you found them on Owning Pink!


Nancy's List
Improving the Lives of People Living with Cancer

Nancy's List is an online community that aims to help cancer patients connect with a support network during and after their treatment. Created by a survivor of ovarian cancer (Nancy), this community honors the many facets of life that are impacted by illness, and a wholistic approach to treatment that looks beyond just the physical aspects of cancer.  Nancy's List provides information, links, and other resources regarding elements of cancer treatment that are often neglected by the medical community -- including the psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and economic aspects of having cancer.  Nancy's List affirms that each person's experience is unique, and the site was created with the goal of allowing each person to choose which support would be most useful to them in their individual process. In true 'pink' spirit, Nancy's List doesn't make judgements on what will work for whom, but instead protects a space where information of all kinds is available to people of all backgrounds.  Click here to learn more about Nancy's List.

The Girl Effect
Saving Women Saves the World

The girl effect is a movement to change the world through investments in adolescent girls. Invest in a girl, and everyone benefits - her family, her community, her nation, and the world. The initial 'investment' may come in the form of a start-up loan, or inventory, or even simply access to a classroom that empowers a girl to dream about what she can do with her life.  Girl Effect's 'pink' affirmation is that, supported with the right resources, every adolescent girl can be empowered to control her own life. People around the world are unleashing the girl effect every day. To learn more about their work and what you can do to accelerate the girl effect, visit



Empowerment Project / DASH
Helping Vicitims of Domestic Violence Transition to Permanent Housing

The District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH) is leading new approaches to supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse. DASH programs not only treat women with respect, but give them the power to select the resources and services they need, at the times and places they need it. This is a very "pink" approach, unlike many other domestic violence programs around the country that tell these women how they will heal by dictating their schedule and isolating them from their children and workplaces. The DASH approach empowers these women to keep their children and their jobs (if they have them) and take an active role in their own transition to safe and stable living situations for themselves and their families. DASH is also pioneering new programs to give women more responsibility and support for (re)establishing their credit histories so that they are no longer financially reliant on their abusers. Help DASH transition victims of domestic violence and abuse by supporting their Safe Housing Fund. Donate Now (please put "Owning Pink Safe Housing Fund" in the Designation Box so they know you came from Owing Pink! )

If you know someone who might need help in a domestic violence situation, send them to the National Domestic Violence Hot Line 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) ANONYMOUS & CONFIDENTIAL HELP.


Loans That Change Lives

Kiva’s aim is to alleviate world poverty by inviting individuals to lend money to entrepreneurs in developing countries.  They believe that people are inherently generous and genuinely wish to help the poor. By leveraging the power of the internet to connect those in need with those who wish to give, Kiva facilitates loans offered with dignity, accountability, and transparency. When you open your heart and your wallet to serve the world, magic can happen. What makes Kiva so pink is that they’re all about empowering individuals to step into their own greatness, rather than doling out money without the expectation of repayingment. Those who receive loans via Kiva can then build small businesses that allow them to feel pride in their accomplishments, while helping feed their families and communities. How pink is that? To learn more about how Kiva works and how you can help, visit their website.


Women for Women International
Helping Survivors of War Rebuild Thier Lives

 WfWI believes in a world where women are healthy, are actively engaged in decision-making, have access to economic stability, and benefit from strong social networks and safety nets.  WfWI advocates for these goals in communities that have been affected by conflict -- primarily working with female survivors of war -- in countries around the globe. To promote lasting social change in their target communities, WfWI works at the community level to ensure that all women have access to essential knowledge and resources, and have freedom of expression.  By providing financial, educational, and social resources specific to each woman's individual needs and dreams, WfWI is making sure that women have what they need to make the most of their lives.  At the heart of this programing is the "pink" core belief that given the right resources, there is nothing that women can't do for themselves!  Learn more about Women for Women International.

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