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Owning Relationships

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Gratitude Is The New Black


“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

For some of us, having a happy holiday season feels daunting or even close to impossible. It seems that no matter how hard we work to insulate ourselves against our issues around home and family, the tunnel from Thanksgiving to New Years is a minefield loaded with hidden traps, double agents and too many opportunities to self-destruct or rip open old wounds and old injuries.

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How Do You Find Love?

find love

It’s not that hard to find like. Or lust. Or friendship.

But love - true, epic, lasting love, the kind of love that leads you to celebrate 50 year anniversaries - is a whole other story.

As someone with two divorces under my belt, you may be reluctant to take love advice from me, and I wouldn’t blame you! But I’m nine years into my current marriage, and things are better than ever, so maybe I’ve learned a thing or two. Take it with a grain of salt, but in case something I’ve learned resonates with you and helps you find the kind of lasting love I’ve finally found, I wanted to share it with you.

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Do Working Moms Raise Healthier Kids?

Lissa Rankin

If you’re a working mother like me, you may have noticed a few raised eyebrows from time to time. I was only five weeks postpartum when I had to go back to my work as an OB/GYN physician, and you’d have thought I had murdered my infant the way some women looked at me. (“How dare she? How selfish of her. But just wait - that child will be totally messed up one day.”)

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Focus On What Truly Matters

Over the past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about what truly matters.  My mom’s diagnosis, illness, and death have caused me to stop, question, and look more deeply at the things and people in my life that are important.  Through the pain and challenge of this experience, I’ve also been grateful for the perspective and awareness it has opened up.

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Women Hating Women: A Recipe for Extinction

Introducing Sheila Kelley, the genius behind S Factor, with what we think is one of the most amazing articles of the year. 

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Predictors Of A Cheating Partner

cheating behavior

Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict if our lovers/spouses were likely to be unfaithful? Maybe we could track warning signs from the get-go and avoid the heartbreak most of us have experienced at some point or other in our lives.

Of course, it’s never that easy, but a new study identifies traits that make people more likely to cheat.

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Relationships Are Assignments

love, miracle

A Course in Miracles teaches us that there are “no chance encounters.” All encounters offer us the opportunity to transform fear to love and create a miracle. Enjoy this week’s vlog:) For more on this topic check out my iLoveMe Lecture here.


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Will You Still Love Me If. . .

We're SO proud to introduce the Full of Awesome Mike Robbins.

Over the past few months I’ve been looking at the phenomenon of approval seeking that exists in my life and my relationships.  My mother’s death has brought up an intense mix of emotions and reflections.  Like most people, my mom was a fundamental source of love for me, especially early in my life.  As such, I learned various ways, from quite a young age, to gain her approval.  Although this evolved over time and I outgrew certain aspects of approval seeking from my mom specifically, I realize now that I was much more attached to her approval, even as an adult, than I thought I was.

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How To Change The World, One Girl At A Time

The Girl Effect

Even with razor sharp parenting skills you can’t keep a child free from society’s notions. My 11 year old daughter is here to prove it. “If I were to get a doctorate, would people have to call me ‘doctor’ because I really hate that idea?  ‘Doctor’ sounds way too boyish.  It sounds like a name only boys should have.”

Is this my child?

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How to Tell the Difference Between Lust and Love

love lust

Adapted from Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing: 5 Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness 

As a psychiatrist, I’ve seen how intense sexual attraction is notorious for obliterating common sense and intuition in the most sensible people. Why? Lust is an altered state of consciousness programmed by the primal urge to procreate. Studies suggest that the brain in this phase is much like a brain on drugs. MRI scans illustrate that the same area lights up when an addict gets a fix of cocaine as when a person is experiencing the intense lust of physical attraction. Also in the early stage of a relationship, when the sex hormones are raging, lust is fueled by idealization and projection - you see what you hope someone will be or need them to be - rather than seeing the real person, flaws and all.

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