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Owning Relationships

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Amp Up Your Sexy With Men (Avoid These 3 Missteps)

So what is it about the woman that always gets the guy?  You know who I’m talking about.

Every guy you know thinks she’s cool/smart/funny.  Men get giddy around her.  Conversations stall when she walks into a room.

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Curatives For Judgement (Please Read Before You Interact With Other Humans)

“Have compassion for everyone you meet, even when they don’t want it. What seems conceit, bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.”
- Miller Williams

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Always Wear Your Pretty Panties

Always Wear Your Pretty Panties

I love dating. More so than dating, I love men. I celebrate men. They are incredible, strong, fun and so wonderful to interact with. I like meeting for coffee dates, dinner dates  or having phone dates. I like putting on my walking shoes and having a date in the park and I love dressing up, 7 inch heels included and doing something fancy. You want to go to the museum? Sure. Art gallery? Of course. A movie? I’d love too. A dance club? I hope you can keep up.

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If You Want Something, Ask

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

Try it.

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How To Deal With Loss During The Holidays

It’s “that time of year,” and the pressure is on.

To look happy, to be happy, to have a happy family, to make happy memories.

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Why Female Friendships Are Like Oxygen

In the summer of 2009, shortly after Christine Bronstein had given birth to her third child, she couldn’t explain why the tears wouldn’t stop streaming from her eyes. After all, for the first time in her life, she finally had what she had always craved - a relatively “normal” family. Yet in spite of her two healthy sons and her beautiful newborn girl, sadness washed over her.

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Un-friend Your Ex

My friend called me today. He said “I was creeping your facebook page and I saw on there that you are still friends with you-know-who. Why the hell is that?”

“Because” I say casually, (a dark cloud of defensiveness and shadow rolls over me) “I blocked him, so I don’t get his updates but its kinda’ dramatic to kill him off completely so, I’m just casual about it I guess.”

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How To Wear Your Wedding Dress On Your 20th Anniversary

The Second Time-Monica Wilcox

My husband spent the last six months secretly planning a surprise wedding ceremony to renew our vows. I had no clue. Zip. I showed up in a t-shirt, shorts and a ponytail.  If I had even had the slightest suspicion my hair and makeup would have looked more Cosmo crazy rather than country lazy.

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