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Owning Sexuality

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Rise Up & Come Out!

Rise Up!

So über honored to introduce our newest OP blogger, Kim Anami. Kim is a life and intimacy coach whose musings on love, life and sex have graced the pages of Playboy and which will appear in book form in 2013. Take it away, Kim!

Yeah, I know. Everything sounds sexual when you do what I do.

Over the years as I’ve evolved as a sex coach, I’ve experienced my own “coming out.”

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Perhaps I should confess.  Sitting across from each woman – I am in silent prayer.

Please God, let it be that she is totally, utterly, completely consumed.  By something.  Anything.  Okay, maybe not sugar or shopping.  But let it be that this woman in front of me – this intelligent, put together, gorgeous woman finds herself on her knees tonight, crawling, reaching, yearning, aching and tormented by something she cannot outrun.

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Moving Meditation: A Pole Dancing Party

Moving Meditation ~ A Pole Dancing Party

I recently attended a private dance party where beautiful women moved in the emotionality of their vulnerability and magic happened. I was asked to work as the photographer and videographer - in between dancing - and this short video below shows what happened at this wonderful party. Some of the women at the party had never touched a pole in their lives. There were others who have been students of various studios for many years, most of which study at Sheila Kelley's S Factor, including myself.

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Green Sexuality: Is The Ecology Of Love A Fad Or The Future Of Sex?


"Mother Earth doesn’t need us to survive, but we sure do need her. Better make sure she comes first." That tagline sums up my understanding of eco-sexuality in an organic nutshell, though my experience thus far is that even many die-hard greenies toss their dirt laden hands in the air when you mention making love sustainable. If tree-huggers are bemused, what about the rest of us mainstream recyclers? My friend Wendy Strgar is in the business of creating sustainable relationships (she’s the founder of GoodCleanLove.com – lotions and potions and adult toys that are good for you and the planet; in other words, she purveys sexy and safe fun). From her I realized that sustainability in the bedroom is an inside job.

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CLITeracy 101: What I Wish I'd Have Learned About My Body Years Ago

Did you know that only female mammals have a clitoris; an organ with one singular purpose? That purpose is your pleasure, made possible in part by the 8,000 nerve endings, twice that of the average penis, innervating the female fun button.

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Women, Hold Your Men In The Paterno Fallout

joe paterno

I like to write about sex but lately I’ve been more taken with the gender-related power issues that swirl around sex in our society. Why? Because I think one of the reasons it’s so hard for women to own their sexuality is because of the way sex has been used to keep us out of our power. I’m not going to go into a rant about that here because (a) I’m tired of all that blaming and (b) you’ve heard it all before. But there is a shift in our world going on around men, women, sex, and power and it may be about to hit your father, husband, partner, sons and lots of guys you work with.

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The Private Hell of Pain With Sex

pain with sex

For over a decade after losing my virginity at twenty, I suffered from painful sex (dyspareunia). Although my body would lie there, feeling like I was getting stabbed with a knife while being rubbed raw with sandpaper and having acid poured on my wounds, the rest of me would go running for the hills every time I saw a penis coming my way. I literally dissociated from my body during all those years of painful sex that led to the disintegration of my marriage.

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Over the Hill And Into The Sack!

We have a confession to make: We love sex. And we’d like to keep loving sex. We share a vision of still experiencing a profound attraction for one another 20 years from now—yes, having great sex in our 70s!

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Predictors Of A Cheating Partner

cheating behavior

Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict if our lovers/spouses were likely to be unfaithful? Maybe we could track warning signs from the get-go and avoid the heartbreak most of us have experienced at some point or other in our lives.

Of course, it’s never that easy, but a new study identifies traits that make people more likely to cheat.

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This One Facial Feature May Predict Your Vaginal Orgasm


Can you tell whether a woman is capable of having vaginal orgasms just by observing her from a distance? Research says maybe so.

Sex researcher Stuart Brody, a Scottish psychology professor, linked a woman’s finger sensitivity to her sexual behavior. He also found, in this study, that a woman’s gait - “fluid, graceful,” and “free of blocked or distorted pelvic rotation” – means she’s more likely to have vaginal orgasms.

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