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A Word About Your Beautiful Anger


When I get stuck about what to write about, I’ll often ask a friend to give me a word and then just jam on that.  This morning’s word was “resurrection” and, of course, the first thing I thought about was “insurrection.”

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Don't Believe Everything You Think: A Short Chainsaw Story

A Delightful Sounding Chainsaw

There we were, 14 of us in a sacred circle sharing our hearts.  We’d been there for a bit, and would be there for a bit more.  One by one, each sweet soul shared their story, opened their soul -- when we were interrupted by the whirl of a chainsaw. 


Loud.  Obnoxious. Interrupting.

I rolled my eyes and grimaced as the sound of the annoying yard maintenance equipment began taking away the goodness of our sacred circle.  And then, in an instant....

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Choosing To Be Happy


Is  happiness a personal choice?  Absolutely!  Here’s how I changed my entire existence in one day and with one thought. I decided and chose to be happy. Please don’t read this or write it off as being sappy. I am absolutely 100% serious about happiness.

There are a lot of books out on this topic right now. I have never read any of them. “Why would I need that?”, I silently thought. But I noticed I was moody, sometimes happy sometimes far from it. I saw that my state was often based on what was happening or not in my daily life.

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Cucumber Water Is Not Lemonade

not lemonade

I was recently floating in the outdoor pool at a local hot springs resort when I heard a loud voice shouting,

“Honey, you will love this, it’s just like lemonade.”  I got curious who this voice belonged to and where this person found this delicious lemonade, so I opened my eyes and what I saw was an excited mom handing her young toddler, who was happy playing on the pool’s steps, a plastic cup of cucumber water.

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A Phoenix From The Ashes

phoenix from ashes, up in smoke, wildfire

As I write the first piece for this wonderful site, I find myself in a challenging place. A few weeks ago I had to leave the house I magically manifested more than a year ago, and around the same time two of my friendships collapsed, as well as my closest relationship. Having outgrown my old life without really knowing it, I was like an over-sized goldfish who then busted through her rose-colored glass bowl and watched in horror as the sharp little smithereens of her security floated away like so much flotsam and jetsam. Now I feel like a small fish in a pretty vast ocean, but luckily I am a creature of the deep…

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What It Really Means To "Go With The Flow"


Going with the flow isn’t about being passive or lazy. It’s not about just letting things happen “to you”. It’s not aimless wandering. It’s a co-creative act.

“The flow” is the ocean of cosmic intelligence. It’s the substance that carries the whole shebang. The flow is life energy itself. 

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Why I Have A Hard Time Meeting My Needs In The Moment

Why I Have a Hard Time Meeting My Needs in the Moment

I recently got a migraine. That, in and of itself, is not particularly big news. I've been getting migraines for the past 16+ years, so it's not too shocking to me when I get another one.

However, one big thing was different this time. I noticed something new. 

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There's Not Enough Time (& Other Crackpot Illusions)

I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately. Specifically:
  • Where has it all gone?
  • How can I get more of it?
  • Why’s it moving so damn fast?
  • I have none.
  • Is it really possible to bend it? (Keep reading.)
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How To Let Go Of The Ghosts By Letting Go Of Their Stuff


I have a ghost lurking in my closet. Honestly, I’ve got more than one. There’s a few hovering in the shed, a cluster under our guest bed and tubs full of the little buggers in the attic. Cleaning them out will be more than a weekend project; it feels closer to extermination. That’s why I’ve been avoiding it.

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