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Cultivate Your Limitless Capacity To Love


A loving heart is within all of us, a treasure trove of compassion, kindness, warmth, peace and joy.

Love can flow out toward others, or just glow from within us, with no particular recipient in mind and heart, other than the one and all.

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Dear Women, Enough With The "I'm Sorry"

I'm Sorry

I went to the grocery store a few weeks ago. I needed a package of Almond Joy pieces and some celery. (Don’t judge.)

I had taken one of those little mini carts, just in case I got a hankering in the chocolate aisle, and upon returning it, goods in hand, I was met by a lovely woman unloading her groceries from her own itty bitty cart so she could carry them to her car.  As I approached her, she looked down and muttered, “I’m sorry.”

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How I Finally Overcame The Body War Against My Breasts

body war

This is the tale of two women and four breasts on a journey in Italy seeking something bigger than cup size. At each stop along the way, first in Rome and then in Tuscany, we'd peek into Italian lingerie shops and pose the same question. “Do you carry bras for fuller figured women?”

American woman are larger compared to Europeans. My friend and I are both taller and bigger by any standards, and if you’re someone with larger breasts (D and E cup) you know how frustrating it can be to:

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How To Use A Mirror To Reflect A Great Light

Anne Lamott once wrote, “The great good news is that we’re not all crazy at the same time.”

The thing is that my clients often tell me that they and their partners are always crazy at the same time. And this does, in fact, make sense because we all have “mirror neurons” in our brains.

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What Causes Head Trash?


Let’s say you have blue eyes; but everyone around you, even the people closest to you, have told you since the beginning of your life that you have brown eyes. And let’s say that you had no other way to corroborate that information. What would you be forced to believe about yourself?

Because of the information you’ve been given, plus the fact that you can’t see your own eyes directly, you would be forced to believe that you have brown eyes; even though that’s completely false information about you.

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Warning: You Could Be Missing Out

Warning: You Could Be Missing Out

What’s your morning routine look like? Or, more importantly—what does it feel like?

Do you run hurriedly out the door after pressing snooze four times? Do you power through 45 minutes on the treadmill just to get it done? Are you focusing more on getting the kids ready than on your own needs?

And do you find that hurried feeling sticks with you throughout the day?

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Why I'm Leaning Back Instead Of Leaning In This Year

more - less

“I wish I’d worked more,” said no one ever on their death bed.

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Trust Yourself

One of my main focuses for this New Year is trust!  So often, especially at this time of year, we put our attention on all the things we think we “should” do to make ourselves “better.”  What if we made a commitment to listen to ourselves, trust our intuition, and trust that things are unfolding exactly as they are meant to?

This is, like many things in life, easier said than done, of course. In this video blog I address this important dynamic of life, especially as it relates to the New Year.

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How To Be Happy Where You Are


I hear it every day from my lovely, clever, go-get-’em clients.

Why isn’t this happening faster?
I’m doing everything right - I’m sick of waiting around.
I’ve dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s, but it’s not working. Let’s gooooooo!

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Give Yourself Permission To Mess Up, Make Mistakes And WIN!

Give Yourself Permission

I'm afraid of competing.

When I was a child, people called me "bossy".  My mom, my dad, my friends, my friends moms and dads.  You get the point.  I grew up with this feeling like "people won't like me if I'm bossy," or "too bossy," like somehow there was a gradiating scale of bossiness somewhere that everyone seemed to reference.

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