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Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Joy is a choice.

Owning You

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Root Chakra Feng Shui To Get Strong & Stable!

feng shui

Stability is so fundamental to life because it enables you to handle both the extremely fantastic as well as the less-than-great times in stride.

When you hit a hot streak in life and loads of goodness is flowing your way, without a good foundation you may not know how to “handle success” and might find yourself freaking out for no good reason.  Also, there are things that happen in life that are less-than-great that can rock us, whether it’s a bad storm outside or a personal storm in life.

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How To Make Peace With A Sh*tty Situation

awaken to your greatness

One of my coaching clients (let's call her Sonia) recently went through a divorce. She has worked hard to get to a place where she can appreciate all the good that came from the relationship.

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Prescription For The Soul - The Breaks


When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed 
yourself to be.
- Patanjali (A Sage who wrote the Yoga Sutra 1,700 years ago, in India, whose words are just as relevant today)

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All The Power And All The Responsibility

None of your life is by accident. You are exactly where you have decided to be. You have created, fed, conjured and surrendered into an energy of abundance or replete, wholeness or brokenness. It is your choice to stay the same, think the same and do the same. You are exactly where you have chosen to be.

You have all the POWER and all the RESPONSIBILITY.
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The Little Red Fire Hydrant

fire hydrant

When I was a kid, we used to stand outside at the little, red fire hydrant waiting for the school bus.

It was a meeting place.

It was home base.

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When It's Time To Say Goodbye: On Loving And Leaving

When It's Time to Say Goodbye: On Loving and Leaving

A while ago, my friend moved across the country to the Pacific Northwest, for the summer, to live with her partner in his very sparsely furnished house. When she first moved, she thought she would miss all the things she had left behind. By the end of the summer, though, she realized she loved this new minimalism. She hadn’t missed her possessions at all.

My friend and her sweetheart are getting married, which is a lovely ending to this story of a cross-country journey. However, the thought of having to go back to her old place and deal with all the stuff she owned there was keeping her up at night.

She said: “I’m dreading getting sucked back in to the physical clutter that grabs at me and pulls me in. I wonder if I’ll be able to let go of things once they’re right in front of me.”

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Biting The Bullet − Taking The Road Less Travelled With Tooth-Related Health

biting the bullet, flying bullet

As I mentioned before, for several months I was confronted by a succession of situations which put me way out of my comfort zone. One of the crumbling edifices I resisted for many months was an abscessed tooth, because the conventional options for its resolution – a root canal or an extraction – did not appeal. There is a ton of information, especially in cyberspace, about alternative treatments for all kinds of illnesses that conventional medicine would have us believe are irreversible, but there seems to be far less available about teeth.

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How Your Brain Is Like Google


Google is the world’s most popular search engine. When you type a word or phrase into its search function, you’re really asking a question: “Hey Google, can you answer this question for me?” It then automatically performs a search to answer what you asked.

Your mind works in exactly the same way. When you ask yourself a question—whether it’s an empowering question or a disempowering one—your mind automatically begins to search for the answer. This is what I call using Afformations, because Afformations are empowering questions that immediately change your thoughts from negative to positive.

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The Brilliant Lesson Of Ebb And Flow

ebb and flow

One of the most important lessons dropped upon me is that there will be highly frustrating times when I just don't feel like myself and the work or a project stubbornly is not ready for me to start or finish it. I hate it and don't like it, but I've come to understand this obstruction to be the surest sign possible that I simply was intended to place my energy somewhere else that afternoon or day. So I sit it aside and learn something else instead. 

Nothing is more frustrating to a high-performing achiever (or anyone aspiring to be) than those exasperating moments, days, or weeks when we are just not firing on all cylinders. No matter how creative we want to be or even have to be, the inspiration is just not there. Of course, what we've been taught to do is struggle on, persevere, and do damn well whatever is necessary to fight and flail our way out of the slump that dogs us.

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How To Live Simply

So, I have this joke that I tell people about myself when I forget to do stuff.  It goes like this:

“Before children, I was really, really smart.  Now, I’m just really, really charming.”

Everybody giggles.  But, my confession is – it’s kinda sorta true.

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