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Rethinking The Busy-ness Of Our Lives


No matter where I am or who I'm with, conversation inevitably turns towards how busy we are. Let’s face it – we’re often on our phones answering texts, or we are thinking about what we need to do or who to call. We’re rarely in the present moment.

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Normal Is Boring

Normal Is Boring

We all have ideas of what ‘normal’ looks like.
Jeans and a button up and tasteful jewelry.
Job in an office.
Saying This Thing at That Time. Reacting This Way to That Event.

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Get Up Stand Up!

Beach front

A few years ago a close friend and I headed to Jamaica for a much needed vacation. We were there in September and by this time the resorts were rather quiet, the way a relaxing vacation was meant to be.  While staying at the resort there were about 5 other families total! The beach was serene, the waves were wonderful and the view from where I sat was breath taking. 

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How To Run A Mountain

run a mountain

By: Kimmy Klassen

I really do want to tell you what I know about running up and down a mountain. This story wasn’t meant to be a metaphor for life, yet...

Earlier this summer I hiked to the top of Red Mountain, the local ski hill that I can see from my living room. At the top I enjoyed views of the surrounding towns, rivers and mountains as far as the eye could see. I also saw a man run to the top, shirt off, sweaty and panting only slightly. He was older…than me. I wondered if I could run to the top of Red Mountain?

A few weeks later I decided I would, or at least try.

I ran from the upper edge of Rossland to the top and back down again. Twice now, it’s addictive, the euphoric high fuels my weekend.

This photo was taken on a different recon mission for a run. Little did I know I would run up what I saw in my view.

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When You're Feeling Stuck, Ask Yourself This

When You're Feeling Stuck

Whenever I can’t get it together enough to write, I get hella stuck. Writing is how I process just about everything, so when I’m not doing it I start to feel like: “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE.” And “WHAT AM I EVEN DOING RIGHT NOW?” and also a little bit of, “WHY IS MY LIFE SOOOOOO HARD.”

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The Best Manifestation Story You’ve Ever Heard

best manifestation story ever

You’ve heard me talk about my marriage with my husband Doug often in the pages of Owning Pink. Most recently here.

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Ashamed Of How You Look In A Swimsuit? Women: Please Read This.


Is it possible to be deeply disappointed with someone but still love that person anyway?

Most people would say, "Absolutely!"

We see and feel this kind of love -- unconditional love -- all the time.

To offer just one example...

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The Power Of Fearless Love

Fearless Love

By: Carolyn Hobbs

Each morning, when I wake up at six or seven, I take ten deep breaths. Then I place both hands over my heart and repeat, “I love you, Carolyn, for whatever is true in your body in this moment. I love you for feeling tired, worried, scared or down. I love you for noticing back pain and for wishing the back pain would go away.” In other words I say, “yes” to what is and love myself exactly as I am.

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Break Free From Pleasing Others At Your Expense!

When you come to “Break Free” from limiting beliefs, habits, routines and feelings which no longer work or support what you want, we look at the automatic behaviors, strategies, or personas you have historically engaged in throughout your life.

What is a persona? It’s the image you present to the world, an aspect of your character which formed in early childhood. They are like little bits of personality which arose as coping strategies to deal with or make sense of situations that were scary, confusing, or overwhelming. Examples of personas are: The good student, the peacemaker, the critic, the victim, etc. These same strategies come up for us in adulthood. They are innate and generally unconscious. They surface automatically when we get triggered or reactivated by a person or a situation.

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Toxic Sharing


Facebook, like other forms of social media, is a wonderful source for reconnecting with long lost friends and I always enjoy playing "catch up."   What I don't like however is reconnecting with those old friends who are stuck in the past - (mentally at the same point they were when we last spoke.)  

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