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Owning You

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The 45 Mistakes That Lead To Unrequited Dreams

unrequited dreams
Warning:  This post is likely to tick you off.  

Really, I'm not kidding.  Please don't shoot the messenger, though.  I am not speaking down to you from any “Holier Than Thou” Hilltop.  I've made EVERY ONE of these mistakes myself -- REPEATEDLY -- and they are the main reasons why it took me TWENTY YEARS to make my biggest Unrequited Dream a reality.

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Healing The Core


For years, I have used Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life, as a reference tool.  Whenever I'm in pain or feeling sick, I check the chart in the book.  I've learned that knee pain stems from fear and inflexibility, thinning hair is a result of holding onto tension and trying to control everything, and hip pain results from the fear of moving forward.  The emotional causes almost always fit perfectly for the ailments I'm trying to learn about.  It is very easy for me to accept that our thoughts and beliefs create our bodily conditions.  I see it in myself and I see it in others.

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The Power Of Authenticity


I was recently talking to my counselor Eleanor, asking her for some guidance on both an important meeting I had coming up and on the approach I was taking in some writing I was planning.  She said to me, “Mike, get out of your head and into your heart.  Remember, the truth can’t be rehearsed.”

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How Your Assumptions Form Your Life


You are continually forming assumptions about life and your relationship to it, but most of them are unconscious. As a result, the majority of your actions are governed by assumptions that you may have formed decades ago.

For example, if you grew up experiencing a lack of love, support, or opportunity, you might have formed unconscious assumptions like, I’ll never be very successful or I’m not good enough. If those are your unconscious assumptions (beliefs), your actions will tend to be tentative, fearful, and anticipating failure—and your results will tend to be less than desirable.

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Rainbow over el Malecon, La Habana

Yes, Cuba=Dancing=Transformation

Have you ever BEEN to Cuba?

It is a wild, hot and SEXY place full of magic, sincerity and wonder!  The energy seems to writhe off of the pavement.  Young girls, the age of 10, walking with more sass and sensuality than ANY grown woman in America and the streets alive with young men playing football as if they were on center stage at the World Cup.

Passion, passion, passion.

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Fear-Peddlers All Up In Your Grill? Here's What To Do


Where do you stand when the s--- hits the fan? When someone gets all up in your grill and is all, “Maybe it won’t work out, and then what? Where will you go, what will you do, who will you turn to? It can’t always work out. Maybe you’re in the percentage that ends up homeless on the street with a tire for a pillow, a grocery cart for a closet, and a cardboard box for your baby’s basinet.” When someone infiltrates your cone of zen and starts peddling fear, where do you go? 

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One Life At A Time


"Transforming our world, through love, one life at a time."

That's the motto at my Unity church.  In Sunday school with the teens last week, my co-teacher reminded the class of that statement.  It was important in the moment because we'd found ourselves in a discussion about what's wrong with the world.  An eighth grader in class had expressed her concern with the younger kids who were more engaged with electronics than they were with the people and places around them.  She said she wished that kids would explore the outdoors, create, and use their imaginations more.  We pondered the issues of our technologically driven society and how isolated we are all becoming.  

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What’s Your Body Telling You About Realizing Your Dreams?


I was listening to the radio recently and heard an interview with Ryan Vogelsong, pitcher for the World Series champs S.F. Giants. He shared how he was complaining about some of their friends to his wife one morning saying, “ They don’t seem to be happy about their lives.” She replied to him with, “ Ryan, not everyone gets to live out childhood dreams like you did and still do.” He was humbled by what she said, and became more compassionate for others and more appreciative of the life he has. What I got most from his interview was that he never lost faith in his dream and always “believed” he would one day pitch in the series.

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Feeling the Suck of Stuck ~ Do Your Own Intuitive Body Scan

body scan

Feeling stuck in the muck of heavy energy? Lost your flow and feeling dry in a seemingly everlasting ebb? Give an intuitive body scan a go.

Many people I know are feeling similar energies right now, and you may be too.  So often we attempt to solve our problems with logic – or through a logical process.  It is easy to forget that our bodies are storing energy and wisdom and can tell us everything we need to know.

I’m going to open my journal and heart with you a bit and share the experience of a recent body scan that I did, and then I will take you step by step through your own process.

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