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Owning You

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Versions Of Happy

“Are you happy?” This is our toddler’s favorite question these days, and what a vital one it is. That I am three and a half months post-partum, and just getting back into the saddle, with body projects, work projects, family and life projects all splayed and projected out in front of me, it’s sort of uncanny how great the timing of her query is.

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Living In Alignment


I've been working with the concept of alignment lately - but not on my yoga mat. Well, of course, on my mat, too. But that's not my primary focus right now. Instead, I'm focusing on alignment in my life.

This feels like a somewhat nebulous concept to me - like something that sounds amazing and gets a big resonant yes in my body. But then when I go to explain it, much less do it, I don't really know what it means.

So I thought I'd try to break it down. 

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Butterflies, Strength, & Onion-Flavored Dreams

I’ve seen my name published in the bylines of the hundreds of newspaper articles I wrote before giving up the Dream That Was Supposed to Pay the Bills. That was the plan, you know. The paycheck was supposed to fund the Dream That Included Me and a Book with My Words.

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Nothing Changes Until You Do

In a recent session with my counselor Eleanor, she said something simple, but profound to me; “Nothing changes until you do.” She went on to say, “Mike, you keep trying to control and manipulate the situations, relationships, and outcomes in your life – thinking that if they changed in the way you want them to, you’d then change and things would be better. It actually works the other way around.”

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Feel Fabulous In February In Four Steps

become a seeker; find happiness in your own life

February might not be the “darkest” month of the year, but for me, it’s the most injurious. January is fresh. March is so close to spring. February is... tough. But, this year, I am in love with February. My ongoing commitment to my peace of mind and health make February as fresh as January. And as glorious as spring. Here is a process by which you can stay connected to your motivation to stay healthy. 

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Confessions Of A Perfectionist

imperfection, perfection, perfectionist, Ashley Ryan, self-love, self-acceptance

I spent the majority of my life pretending to be someone I wasn't.

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How To Cast Love & Count Ripples This Valentine's Day

Rippling water

We toss our stone, knowing once it has left our grasp, the outcome is beyond us. There is nothing left for us to do but stand by and count the expanding ripples… one, two, three, foooooour. Just how many will it create?  How far will they flow? This is the mystery we cast.

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How To Change Your Habits (For Good)...

So you want to change your “nasty” habits, but you’re not sure what to do.

Yep, been there. But good news: there’s totally a way to solve it.

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