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Love Her But Leave Her Wild

Love Her. But Leave Her Wild.

Inside every woman there lives a Magical, Wild and Glorious Siren

I insist and wholeheartedly believe that inside every woman there lives a magical, wild and glorious siren. On more than one occasion, I've been asked just what a siren is. My modern definition with mythical and historical influence, is that your siren soul is your wild, charismatic, sensual, animalistic tribal side. It’s the embodied essence of your power, your sex, your majesty and your grace. It’s the part of you that will not be denied. It’s the part of you that makes no apologies, follows your heart's desires and your curious whims. The siren in you is truly a wild and magical woman who calls forth, who manifests and who creates. She's dynamic. She's intuitive. She's intoxicating.

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Checking With Your Body First For Answers - Shifting Attention From A Mental To A Physical Feeling Orientation

Body-First vs. Mind-First

Free will is the ability we have as humans to make choices that are not determined by just external circumstances. We can increase both the reach and effectiveness of our free will when we become keenly aware of where we put our attention.

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Where Does Courage Come From And How Do We Get Some?

Get Some Courage

I was being interviewed for a podcast last week and was asked if taking off on a road trip of indefinite length after selling all of my stuff was out of character for me, or if it was on course with my personality.

(I did, in fact, do that in 2011. It was called The Freedom Tour, and it led to me marrying Mike. Best decision of my life.)

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What Kind Of “Older Person” Do You Want To Be?

Growing Old With Love
“It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”
―Jules Renard
I still remember, vividly, the very first moment that I felt “old.”
I was staring at myself in the mirror, gazing, mystified, at a pair of legs that (surely!) belonged to somebody else.
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Debuting The Victim

Do you know what I mean when I say,” this persona: The Victim is the all-time favorite of most people?” I mean, it is the most popular, and almost acceptable in our culture.  You can hear the tone and chatter of the victim in public places.   Some people think of a victim as the recipient of brutality or attack, thus they don’t recognize the typical subtleties of their own victim attitude and speak.

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Does Slow And Steady REALLY Win The Race?

Andrea and Stacey running Biltmore Marathon

As you may know, I completed my 5th marathon right around this time last year. (That’s a picture of me and a friend running it.) But what you may not know is what got me into running marathons in the first place.

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Give Up Negative Self Talk!...Choose Supportive Self-Love Talk


Here’s the straight self-love truth..

Just like giving up any negative toxic habit – like biting your finger nails, smoking, or eating junk food – you can CHOOSE to not be a negative self-talker.

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Swing Hard (Just in Case You Hit It)

Swing Hard

In July of 1992, the summer between my senior year in high school and my freshman year at Stanford, I got invited to play in the U.S. Junior National Baseball Championship tournament in Boise, Idaho. It was a pretty big deal. Some of the top high school players in the country were there, including a 16-year-old shortstop from Miami named Alex Rodriguez. So there we were, a group of pretty talented and confident (i.e., cocky) high school baseball players, but beneath the outward cockiness was a deep sense of insecurity, especially being around other players of this caliber.

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10 Signs Fear Is Running Your Life (And How To Get Back On Track)


Most people in our culture are riddled with fear, and it’s running the show in our lives, taking the wheel in most of our decision-making. But the funny thing is, we don’t even know it. This is partly because, in our culture, we tend to dress up “fear” in the more socially acceptable clothes of “stress.” And stress—well, hell—stress is practically a badge of success in our culture!

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Staying Present And Engaged: Steering Yourself Back To The Moment


Recently, I received an invitation to a birthday party. The invite had the tagline: “Please don’t bring presents. Your presence is a gift.” Sounds so easy doesn’t it? Just show up and be present. I wish it could be that easy. As human beings, we possess a unique and very powerful ability to focus our attention on the present moment and simply be with whatever is before us—a rose, a loved one, a business problem. We’ve all had the experience of getting absorbed when our attention is so focused, so singular that we forget ourselves. The separate self is subsumed in the object of our attention. However, the brilliant human mind also has the ability to focus on events, people, concerns, etc. that are not right in front of us in the moment. We get pulled into the past or future. This ability is essential for planning the future or sorting through the past to share, celebrate, compare, reminisce, evaluate, understand, and many other cognitive functions including learning from the past to avoid making the same mistakes.

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