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Owning You

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Ready To Release Your Pain Body?

Release your pain body

In his book “A New Earth,” Eckhart Tolle describes the Pain Body as a “psychic parasite,” like an alien being that possesses you and causes you to be unconscious to your own and other's suffering. The result, of course, is more suffering.

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You Are, Of God - A Love Note For You

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You are powerful.

You are pure energy.
You are indestructible.
Absolutely nothing can penetrate your soul.

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Replenish Your Heart: An Everyday Practice

Hiro Boga cloud, heart.

When you’re creative, dedicated, and in business for yourself, it’s easy to get painfully busy.

You work in and on your business, harder than you’ve ever worked at any job. And there is an infinite number of tasks that need your time and attention.

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Where The Intuition May Lead

healthy couple

I'm an advocate of following your intuition. I try to follow mine, but sometimes I overanalyze my gut feelings and sometimes I just decide they're wrong. Recently I have been led down a road that I am very excited about and the whole thing started with a spontaneous decision that could have only come from the "all-knowing" part of me. 

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Is Stress Getting The Best Of You? These 5 Tips Can Help You Manage It.


We all have stress in our lives. Some of us have children, others are dealing with hectic work schedules, and still others might be taking care of a sick spouse or relative – and some are dealing with all of the above! Life comes with stress and challenges. The question is not how to avoid it, but how to deal with it so it doesn’t overtake your life, your work, your health. Easier said than done.

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Challenge: 5 Words To Ditch For Emotional Health


I am known for reminding clients (and myself too!) to “be careful what you tell yourself, because you’re always listening.” Our self-talk makes such a gigantic difference in our perceptions and experiences. But, so does the language we use with others about our experiences.

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"To Do" Or Not "To Do"

Planting your acorn

I recently attended an event with a coach who challenged us to stop dreaming so much and start DOING something about our dreams.  He likened our big dreams to an acorn that had the potential to become an oak tree, and in scenario after scenario, he gave us examples about how “law of attraction” based inaction could thwart the acorn’s potential to become the oak tree. Sure, we could visualize the acorn as an oak tree. We could affirm the oak tree’s potential. We could even adopt a gluten-free diet and drink more green juice, in hopes that our efforts will help the oak tree grow. But unless we plant the acorn in fertile soil, nurture it with water, sunlight, and patience, that acorn is never going to realize its potential.

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How To Launch An Offering

How to Launch an Offering

I recognize that this post may tick some people off. And… I’m going to write it anyway.

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Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

I have a tendency to take myself a bit too seriously at times, especially when I get stressed, irritated, or scared. I’ve noticed that sometimes these feelings not only make me less effective in dealing with a difficult situation, they actually cause the difficulty itself, or at the very least exacerbate it. I also find that in these moments of taking myself too seriously, it’s easy for me to become self-important and to think that the weight of the world is on my shoulders (which is often a bit of an overreaction and almost never helpful). As my friend Theo and I like to say in jest to each other from time to time, “Do you have any idea how important I think I am?”

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Notes From A Velvet Womb: In Praise Of Rest

Hiro Boga nurturing, rest, self-care, self-love

A couple of years ago, I moved to my new home, which is lovely, and perfect for what I want to do in my life and my business now.

The move happened easily. I had lots of help. Professional packers and movers did the heavy lifting.

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