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Why We (Should) Change Our Minds In The 11th Hour


You’re about to ship your product, wrap the gift, get dressed for the event, name the baby. Go time. Launch time. Deadline-to-meet-time. It’s time to make the final call. You’ve been working toward this for months. Money invested in designers, endless jam sessions, deep thinking, working toward THAT goal. And then…and then you look at it (clock is ticking, we’re waiting for you to sign off), and you think…it’s not quite right. We need to…. change the name, pull apart the structure, swap out the picture, switch the offer, shift gears.

And then…you want to throw up.

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The Cure For A Broken-Open Heart

Broken-Open Heart

When the stresses of life build up to a certain point, who hasn’t had a moment when they broke down and cried?

I used to experience it as a sign that I was defeated or unable to cope. But then I heard a great quote from Martha Beck: “We don’t cry when we lose our hope. We cry when we find it.”

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What I've Learned From Letting Fear Win


In 2009, someone suggested I start my own blog.  I'd been emersed in my spiritual journey for a couple of years and I'd discovered so much about life and myself.  It was a no-brainer that the theme of my blog would be spirituality and self-discovery.  I titled my blog, "Waiting for the Click" (the Click refers to enlightenment) and published it at the end of April 2009. 

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This Will Make You A Hero

super hero

I have a challenge for you. But first, check out one of my favorite quotes:

“You are the hero of your own story.”  —Joseph Campbell

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Playing Big At Work: Personal Fulfillment Isn’t Reserved For The Entrepreneur


I am approaching the third anniversary of my coaching, training and consulting business after twenty plus years in corporate America. As I’ve reflected upon my successes and growth opportunities (I no longer see them as failures) during my long career and shorter business, I realized that a new paradigm has arisen in the marketplace and conversation.

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Setting “Whole Body” Intentions As A Gift To Yourself.


In the years that I have been a seeker and teacher of personal growth, I like many others, have searched for the “magic bullet”, the newest formula, the ultimate solution to help me set and manifest my goals and to stop self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs that stop me from achieving those goals.

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Appreciate Your Age

Because of my 40th birthday, I’ve been thinking a lot about this milestone and also reflecting on age in general.  40 seems like a pretty big and important number, although it doesn’t feel how I thought it would feel.  When I was younger, 40 seemed pretty old to me.  Now that I’m here, my perspective has changed quite a bit.

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How To Stop Self-Doubt (+ Grown Up Decisions)

Change Your Thoughts

At some point you will have to decide:
I don’t want to worry as much
battle as much
compare, judge or self sabotage as much.  

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