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The only thing certain about life is uncertainty. Accept that everything changes & it’s all okay.

Owning You

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The Unkind Things You Tell Yourself (+ How To Stop)

Unkind Things

We’ve all got ‘em:

An on-going list of things we tell ourselves, stories we’ve made up about the type of people we are and how we navigate life. We replay these stories ad infinitum in our minds.

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You Don't Need Courage To Get Traction

Getting Traction

By: Molly Gordon

One of the myths I hear most often from clients who are struggling to get traction on an important change or project is that they need more courage.

It just ain’t so.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. But what does that mean, really?

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Skin, Joy, Boobs, And The Right Hair Colour: My Random & Rarely Dispensed Beauty Notes

Random & Rarely Dispensed Beauty Notes

From the incidental to the possibly profound, here are my tips for chicks who want to look even hotter (’cause you’re already hot, sister).

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What If You Don't Need To Demolish Your Life?

Light Bulb Moment

By: Jennifer Louden


My neck hurts.

Why do I write? What difference does it make?

And why do I teach and lead retreats? It all feels so pointless right now.

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The Simple Practice That Could Save You $700 And Hours Of Your Precious Time

Feel Good

Over the weekend Mike and I had planned to spend Saturday cleaning up our house.

Saturday afternoon came around. We’d been to the gym. We’d eaten. We’d put on our cleaning clothes. It was time.

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The Humbling Moment I Realized That I Am Not Perfect


The moment I realized I was not perfect occurred when I was lying on a gurney in the pre-op area at the University of Washington in Seattle. A surgical intern was digging around in my arm to find intravenous access while my parents sat off to the side praying. In that moment, I transformed from a doctor to a fearful patient being prepped for an urgent surgery for a rare medical disorder called achalasia.

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Don’t Let Other People’s Problems Become Yours


By: Starla Fitch

Did you know that bad moods are contagious? It’s true.

Nothing deflates your good mood like a friend, spouse or co-worker who is wearing their “grumpy pants” for the day.

In my work as a surgeon, it can be hard to be that “cup-half-full” person.

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5 Ways To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

stay present

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. ~Gautama Buddha

You know exactly how it feels, but do you know how to fix it? Being overwhelmed is part habit, part addiction and the rest simply not knowing how to do things differently. The good news is there are 5 things you can do to overcome overwhelm starting right now. Are you ready to add some Zen back into your life?

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Have You Found Your Calling?

Find Your Calling

When you first popped out of your mommy, your soul came into this world with a plan for what you're here to learn, experience, teach, and heal.

Your life has a purpose. There's a calling every one of us is meant to fulfill—and only you can answer that call.

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Stress: Don't Waste Too Much Time "Figuring It All Out."


Imagine how your life would change if you had a trusty ally that pointed you in the right direction when making decisions. Imagine how relaxed you’d feel knowing that even difficult decisions no longer involve strenuous mental gymnastics. Your ally would actually give your mind a rest. No more over-thinking, no more lying awake trying to figure out your next best move—just you trusting what you know and acting with confidence.

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