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Owning You

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What Causes Head Trash?


Let’s say you have blue eyes; but everyone around you, even the people closest to you, have told you since the beginning of your life that you have brown eyes. And let’s say that you had no other way to corroborate that information. What would you be forced to believe about yourself?

Because of the information you’ve been given, plus the fact that you can’t see your own eyes directly, you would be forced to believe that you have brown eyes; even though that’s completely false information about you.

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Warning: You Could Be Missing Out

Warning: You Could Be Missing Out

What’s your morning routine look like? Or, more importantly—what does it feel like?

Do you run hurriedly out the door after pressing snooze four times? Do you power through 45 minutes on the treadmill just to get it done? Are you focusing more on getting the kids ready than on your own needs?

And do you find that hurried feeling sticks with you throughout the day?

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Why I'm Leaning Back Instead Of Leaning In This Year

more - less

“I wish I’d worked more,” said no one ever on their death bed.

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Trust Yourself

One of my main focuses for this New Year is trust!  So often, especially at this time of year, we put our attention on all the things we think we “should” do to make ourselves “better.”  What if we made a commitment to listen to ourselves, trust our intuition, and trust that things are unfolding exactly as they are meant to?

This is, like many things in life, easier said than done, of course. In this video blog I address this important dynamic of life, especially as it relates to the New Year.

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How To Be Happy Where You Are


I hear it every day from my lovely, clever, go-get-’em clients.

Why isn’t this happening faster?
I’m doing everything right - I’m sick of waiting around.
I’ve dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s, but it’s not working. Let’s gooooooo!

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Give Yourself Permission To Mess Up, Make Mistakes And WIN!

Give Yourself Permission

I'm afraid of competing.

When I was a child, people called me "bossy".  My mom, my dad, my friends, my friends moms and dads.  You get the point.  I grew up with this feeling like "people won't like me if I'm bossy," or "too bossy," like somehow there was a gradiating scale of bossiness somewhere that everyone seemed to reference.

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What Are Your Everyday New Year's Intentions?


I've relinquished for many a year now new year's resolutions—making them packs quite a self-defeating punch when we don't stick to them. And anyone who's been defeated knows why—we set ourselves up to fall short of these resolutions—they're a tough act to actually follow.

Not this year. Nope. Never again. This new year, each and every day, I'm simply going to practice being gentle with myself, to continue practicing three little things—my good intentions.

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What's Your 2014 Theme Word?


new years

I’m not a whole lot of fun when it comes to New Years. I don’t like going to big parties. I don’t really even like staying up late or drinking too much champagne as the new year rolls in. I tend to use New Years Eve as a time of introspection, quiet reflection, intention setting, gratitude for the previous year’s blessings, releasing what I don’t want to carry with me into the new year, and quiet communion with the Divine. This year, I’m going to a hot springs resort by myself to do this, so I can enter 2014 from a centered, connected, intentional, mindful place. At least, that’s the plan…

But first, a few reflections on 2013.

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Is Your Life An Adventure?

Is Your Life An Adventure?

This summer my husband and I bought hybrid bicycles. I must admit that the idea of riding bicycles didn’t really appeal to me at first, but I couldn’t resist that hopeful gleam in his eye when he sheepishly pitched the idea to me. After all, as part of his claim, it would help us get out of our Netflix and takeout pasta rut.

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Do What Works For You

In the spirit of “doing what works for me” I decided to record my very first video blog post (aka vlog) and instead of writing an actual article, I spoke this week’s message to the camera.  I hope you like it and enjoy hearing from me this way, which may be something I do more of in the future.

This video message is all about making things easier and doing what works for us, instead of struggling, suffering, and stressing ourselves out (often unnecessarily).

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