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Owning You

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Give Yourself Permission To Mess Up, Make Mistakes And WIN!

Give Yourself Permission

I'm afraid of competing.

When I was a child, people called me "bossy".  My mom, my dad, my friends, my friends moms and dads.  You get the point.  I grew up with this feeling like "people won't like me if I'm bossy," or "too bossy," like somehow there was a gradiating scale of bossiness somewhere that everyone seemed to reference.

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What Are Your Everyday New Year's Intentions?


I've relinquished for many a year now new year's resolutions—making them packs quite a self-defeating punch when we don't stick to them. And anyone who's been defeated knows why—we set ourselves up to fall short of these resolutions—they're a tough act to actually follow.

Not this year. Nope. Never again. This new year, each and every day, I'm simply going to practice being gentle with myself, to continue practicing three little things—my good intentions.

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What's Your 2014 Theme Word?


new years

I’m not a whole lot of fun when it comes to New Years. I don’t like going to big parties. I don’t really even like staying up late or drinking too much champagne as the new year rolls in. I tend to use New Years Eve as a time of introspection, quiet reflection, intention setting, gratitude for the previous year’s blessings, releasing what I don’t want to carry with me into the new year, and quiet communion with the Divine. This year, I’m going to a hot springs resort by myself to do this, so I can enter 2014 from a centered, connected, intentional, mindful place. At least, that’s the plan…

But first, a few reflections on 2013.

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Is Your Life An Adventure?

Is Your Life An Adventure?

This summer my husband and I bought hybrid bicycles. I must admit that the idea of riding bicycles didn’t really appeal to me at first, but I couldn’t resist that hopeful gleam in his eye when he sheepishly pitched the idea to me. After all, as part of his claim, it would help us get out of our Netflix and takeout pasta rut.

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Do What Works For You

In the spirit of “doing what works for me” I decided to record my very first video blog post (aka vlog) and instead of writing an actual article, I spoke this week’s message to the camera.  I hope you like it and enjoy hearing from me this way, which may be something I do more of in the future.

This video message is all about making things easier and doing what works for us, instead of struggling, suffering, and stressing ourselves out (often unnecessarily).

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Why Imperfection ROCKS During The Holidays


You know how everyone seems to expect the holidays to be perfect? You may feel pressured to have the perfect presents under the tree (and lots of them). You may be expected to prepare the perfect holiday feast. Maybe you feel like you’re supposed to act perfectly happy and content, even though the holidays remind you of losing someone you loved or having your heart broken or not having someone you love to spend the holidays with. Maybe you think you’re supposed to look a certain way or dress a certain way.  Maybe you feel pressured to stuff your feelings and overlook the way your family sometimes hurts you.

Sure, it’s a time to be grateful for what we have. But the holidays don’t have to be perfect. It’s WAY better when they’re just real.

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The Practice Of Giving & Receiving


It's the time of year again when our practice of giving and receiving gets tougher.

Sure, some people like to get down and dirty with the big Black Friday, a Shop Small Saturday, (The Day of Rest Sunday), free-shipping Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday, whipping out their plastic and swiping like there's no limit to their gift giving super powers.

But inside, they're feeling it. It really is tough to give and receive. Really.

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Jumping For Juicy Joy

joy, heart drawn in sand

Recently I had to choose between being at an all-day fund-raising workshop I had agreed to attend for a community organization, and going to a regional festival. I turned up to the seminar intending to stay only if I felt really called to. I was reluctant to let people down, but I also knew there were others attending who could pass on their notes from the day if I decided to bail. I wanted to make my choice from a place of joy.

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A Stack Of Self-Care Gifts That'll Stave Off The Weight Of The Holidays

Here is your gift

But they're probably not what you're thinking.

I've all but given up worry over the notorious holiday overindulgence weight gain—that worry will keep until after I ring in the new year. But this coming year, I may just dare to give up that worry altogether. You see, worry, these many years over has not produced positive results. Nada one, not a one.

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How To Not Overstress, Overspend And Overgive This Holiday

Happy Holiday

In our day to day life, you feel pressure to take care of everyone and everything else and at the holidays this feeling doesn’t go away, it usually gets stronger. Whether it’s making sure the holiday dinner is cooked perfectly, the holiday party is a smash success, cards are sent out on time, or we’ve bought presents for everyone so no one feels left out. We are naturally giving, and that is a feminine super power that we want to hold onto, for sure. But, sometimes we give so much to others, that we forget to give to ourselves. We put our self-love on hold, especially during the holidays.

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